Ezell has a Change of Heart

When GoBlueWolverine spoke with Steel Valley High (Munhall, PA) DE Tyrone Ezell one month ago, it seemed as if The University of Pittsburgh had the 6-4 248 pound defensive end virtually locked up. Based on our most recent conversation, however, it now appears that nothing could be further from the truth.

Things have definitely changed since the last time GoBlueWolverine chatted with Munhall, PA defensive end Tyrone Ezell.  At that point the youngster seemed pretty set on Pittsburgh as his only viable option.  Now he insists he is definitely interested in a number of schools that are showing him attention.

“Before, I was only interested in staying close to home,” Ezell explained.  “I feel a lot different now that I am hearing from other schools.”

Aside from Pittsburgh, Ezell’s primary suitors are Michigan, Ohio State, West Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, Penn State and Bowling Green.  As other schools stepped up their interest, Ezell broadened the areas of the country were he was consider for going to school.

“Right now everything seems to be picking up, I feel different because these schools are showing me a lot more love”.

There will be a certain criteria that Ezell looks for when he choose a school.

“I want to be at a good program, around good people, and get a good education,” he said.

With recruiting heating up, Ezell plans to take a step back to reevaluate everything at this point and time.

 “I am just going to look at my options and then try and narrow down my list to a top five. I hope to before the season if not after."

The Wolverines have a chance to make some head way with the Steel Valley high standout.  Michigan was one of the schools that he mentioned little interest in a month ago, but all of that has changed thanks to Coach Tony Gibson.

“(Coach Gibson) is a nice guy that I can get along with. He said that they like me and wants me to come up and visit on June 17.  I would like to make it up there.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Ezell in thecoming days.

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