Van Dyke Divulges Visits, Favorite

All-American defensive/tight end Doug Van Dyke from Marshall, Mich. spoke to us about his playoff game Saturday (see the previous article), and then went on to the latest regarding his recruiting.

All-American defensive/tight end Doug Van Dyke (6-6, 235 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 2.4 GPA/21 ACT) from Marshall, Mich. is now thinking about resetting his official visit to Michigan -- his scheduled official visit for the Nov. 2 MSU game was postponed because Marshall had a playoff game that day.

"I'm going to try to visit Michigan in the next few weeks -- I'll get on the phone to them and set a visit. I go to Ohio State this coming weekend, Wisconsin December 6, I also go to Nebraska -- I don't remember when -- and my fifth visit will be to Purdue."

You do have a favorite at this point, Doug?

"Michigan is my leader."

Van Dyke is The Insiders' #81 prospect.

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