Ind. QB Clayton Richard Looks Ahead

The high school career of All-American quarterback Clayton Richard from Lafayette, Indiana, McCutcheon is over now -- and he is coming in for an official Michigan visit this weekend. Clayton's father fills us in on the latest for the talented quarterback.

Lafayette, Indiana, McCutcheon lost in the sectional finals last Firday night, ending the high school career of All-American quarterback Clayton Richard (Nov. 15 official visit, 6-5, 225 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 4.0 GPA/1340 SAT). Yours truly spoke to Clayton's father about what is next for Clayton.

Regarding the loss last Firday.

"McCutcheon led 21-7 in the third quarter, but the other team got a lot of momentum going, and they lost 28-21." McCutcheon finished 10-2 for the season.

Is Clayton 'down' about the loss?

"A little -- but not much. On the field, especially in high school, anything can happen of course. But he's looking ahead to what's next. He's accomplished enough to get ready for the next level, he's done his personal development."

Does Clayton have a break until basketball starts?

"Clayton is out lifting weights right now -- if he was here he'd be happy to speak to you. And basketball starts next Monday."

Sounds like there is just enough time to squeeze in a Michigan official visit.

"Yes, he makes his visit this weekend. It'll be a Friday - Sunday visit now."

Has he picked any other schools to visit yet?

"No. He's still looking at a lot of schools. It's just difficult time-wise with basketball now and all. I don't know when he'll decide where else to visit."

Does this mean he might make an early decision?

"I don't think so. He'll wait to make his final determination after the bowl games. He wants to wait for any coaching changes to take place. He'll try to know as much as possible what staffs and staff members will and won't be at schools."

In Tom Lemming/Prep Football Report's November rankings, Richard is the #27 overall prospect.

Is he aiming at U-M?

Throwing his 90+ mph fastball

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