S.C. Ath David Sims Gets Michigan Offer

Two of U-M's recently-offered kids: Saint Matthews Calhoun County (S. Car.) QB/S. David Sims and WR Alshon Jeffrey. GBW spoke with their head coach about the two ... first, David Sims.

Part one: talking with Coach Wilson about his QB/DB David Sims (6-0, 205):

GoBlueWolverine: What kind of player is David Sims on the field?

Coach Wilson: "The thing I take highly most is his high IQ on the field. He is a student of the game and this day an age, it is hard to find. He is my leader, my coach on the field that will see things that we coaches do not see on the sidelines. We let him sometimes call the plays because we go no huddle quite a bit so he has command of the entire team. This past year he had 992 yards rushing with 11 rushing touchdowns. He also threw for 1,500 yards with 19 passing touchdowns. He also plays defense at cornerback and has 5 picks in which 2 he took back for a touchdown. He is that all around athlete that can help be an asset to any program he decides to attend."

GoBlueWolverine: What positions are most of the college coaches looking at David to play at the college level?

Coach Wilson: "Most of the programs are looking at David for cornerback because most of those teams are drop back passing teams. Now Georgia Tech with Coach Johnson bringing that NAVY offense with him and he thinks David is his man to run his offense. He wants David to come in and he believes David can make that program take off. So they are on him like white on rice. They are on him hard."

GoBlueWolverine: Are there some new programs looking at David now?

Coach Wilson: "There are several programs coming on pretty hard lately because most of them only knew of Alshon, but after some of these coaches were able to see David's film. Florida has come aboard and like him for being that type of quarterback they have used in their offense. Alabama with coach Saban has told David that he can play wherever he wants to play. A new team has become a player in David's recruiting and in fact is supposed to be here this afternoon (Tuesday) and that is Oregon who is interested in both our kids."

GoBlueWolverine: Does David have a preference on what position he wants to play in college?

Coach Wilson: "Right now he is very open and wants to see all his options. He is one of those kids that just want to go to a school and contribute no matter what side of the field. Just like a lot of kids he has in the back of his mind of possible playing in the NFL and is looking at what might be the best way of getting him there and most kids are looking at the opportunity at the next levels."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he have a leader right now?

Coach Wilson: "Georgia Tech (IMO) is the so called leader right now, but that does not mean other teams cannot catch up."

GoBlueWolverine: What are going to be the deciding factors for David in his college decision?

Coach Wilson: "I believe the deciding factor will be where he feels the most comfortable with because his mom is a hell of a lady. She makes sure he does every little thing he is suppose to do and she told him that she will support him no matter where he would go. Therefore, that is the biggest factor right now. His mother is a very instrumental part of his entire process. His mother just got remarried in March so they were really close since David is a only child and they were together for along period of time."

GoBlueWolverine: What is the timeline for David making a decision?

Coach Wilson: "I think he has in his mind that he is going to enjoy this recruiting process since it only comes once in a lifetime. We are going to try to get him to take some of his official visits as early as he can. I want him to narrow his list down by the time football season. I would love to see him make a decision before the season, but I do not see that happening because he has not been to several schools that he wants to look at like Florida State, N.C. State, Colorado and of course, he has not been to Michigan yet. Michigan might be one of the early visits during the football season. We want our kids to concentrate on football and not worry about schools calling you all the time while the pressure continues to build."

Next up: Alshon Jeffrey.

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