Part Two: Coach Speaks About Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery is one of the Wolverines' top targets at wide receiver. A recent recipient of a Michigan offer, we caught up with Jeffery's coach to get his thoughts on his star wide receiver.

GoBlueWolverine: What kind of player is Alshon Jeffrey on the field?

Coach Wilson: "He is very special that is the best things I can say to describe him. This kid is something else and I will give you some quotes from a few coaches about Alshon and what they said. Pete Carroll told me that Alshon reminded him of Dwayne Jarrett. Florida State coaches said Dwayne Bowe while Coach Gibson said Alshon reminds him of Randy Moss, This should tell you the type of player he is and the thing is he is a man playing against boys right now. He can take over games all by himself and can dominate if needed."

GoBlueWolverine: So teams are only recruiting him for wide receiver?

Coach Wilson: "Well yea, but he play free safety for us and had 10 interceptions with two for returning touchdowns. He would have had another one, but the referee blew the whistle before the play was over because Alshon's helmet came off when a defender pulled his facemask and he went the rest of the way into the end zone so they stopped the play. He also does punt returns for us and ran it back sixty yards to the house last year. He has some of the best hands I have ever seen. He is a pure catcher who does not catch with his body and only with his hands."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he play any other sports in high school?

Coach Wilson: "Well yea he plays basketball and in fact he went to the NIKE 100 camp in St. Louis last year. He has three state championship rings in basketball along with being all state all three years. This past season he was player of the year and is just a really special athlete."

GoBlueWolverine: Is Alshon looking to play basketball in college? Has he thought about it?

Coach Wilson: "No and that is one of the first questions Coach Gibson asked when he was here if Alshon would be interested in playing basketball. Alshon and I talked about this, it is too hard at the next level to play one sport let alone two, and school is the number one priority when going to college to get that degree. We have talked about other athletes that have tried it and they have said it took away from both sports because they were not allowed to concentrate on one sport. He is a special kid and if he works hard at it, he could make money-playing football. The bottom line is he is special."

GoBlueWolverine: Did Alshon go to any camps, combines, or unofficial visits?

Coach Wilson: "He went to the Chapel Hill NIKE camp and named MVP of the receivers. Just want to solidify his capabilities and see where they stood against other players. I will tell you something he is special, but he has only been playing football for two years now and the college coaches love that because they know he has a tremendous upside. I will tell you something else he really is not into all the camps and that kind of stuff or even visiting schools, but he has visited Kentucky and Alabama. He is supposed to go out to USC this summer and check it out."

GoBlueWolverine: Does Alshon have a top five yet or teams he is looking at right now?

Coach Wilson: "Well I would say USC, Florida, Michigan, Florida State, and the fifth one goes back and forth between several schools."

GoBlueWolverine: What are going to be some of the deciding factors for Alshon and picking a college?

Coach Wilson: "He is looking at academics and then the program as far as the system. He is looking for a place that will highlight the wide receivers. His father is the one that really is helping him out with myself."

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