S.C. Teammates: Does U-M have a good shot?

Part three of GBW talking with S.C. Saint Matthews Calhoun County Head Coach Wilson talking about his stars David Sims and Alshon Jeffrey. Does U-M have a realistic shot?

Outside-WR Alshon Jeffrey (6-4, 200, Scout.com's #164 Junior), and ATH David Sims (6-0, 208).

Part three: Coach Wilson talking about both his kids and the Michigan program.

GoBlueWolverine: Does Michigan have a chance with both your kids - and where do they stack up?

Coach Wilson: "Yea, oh yea -- how can they not be because your looking at a historic winning program that has one of the biggest audiences in the country. Who does not want to go to the "Big House" especially with the stadium renovations and things that are going on at Michigan."

GoBlueWolverine: So Coach Gibson has been the area recruiter to see your players?

Coach Wilson: "Yea Coach (Tony) Gibson. Going back to your other question he basically asked the same question you did in regards to if Michigan had a chance. I told him, 'Yea you guys have a chance,' and like I told you in the last question I said to him who would not want to play in the Big House. Coach Gibson is a down to earth person who can identify with kids and is a very good recruiter. He lays it all out for you and he is a real person and he tells you the bottom line and does not just tell you whatever you want to hear."

GoBlueWolverine: Did you deal with Coach Rod and Coach Gibson before when they were at West Virginia?

Coach Wilson: "Actually no, I have not, but can tell they are good people. Tell you a little story on how Michigan found out about my kids. Coach Gibson was seeing Chris Bonds (Richland Northeast High School) from Columbia, South Carolina who they already offered. Bond's coach just happens to coach the Shrine Bowl (all-star game) and I just happened to give him highlight tapes of David and Alshon. Well Bonds' coach just happened to be watching it when Coach Gibson came in and he asked who are these kids and why haven't we offered them yet. Coach Gibson told me that he was supposed to fly out after meeting with Bonds coach, but he decided to come see my boys after viewing that highlight tape."

GoBlueWolverine: How are you going to be this year?

Coach Wilson: "Not sure if you know it or not, but we are playing in the smallest division in the state (1-A program). To have programs like Michigan coming to look at two of your kids is a great feeling. That is unreal for top 10 type programs coming to our school and looking at these kids being such a small program. We should be pretty good and be a very interesting season."

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