"Minnesota is just not very good."

Former Michigan Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet gives a wrap-up on the Minnesota game. He also comments on some up-and-coming Michigan players. And gives a quick peak ahead to Wisconsin.

Ouimet: "Minnesota -- that's not a very good football team. What do you think - do you agree?"

I just thought Michigan played amazingly well.

"Uh huh ... well, Michigan certainly manhandled them. Minnesota should never have been in the Top 25 -- they have not even been in mine."

"This is a pretty easy wrap-up. Michigan hit season highs in total offense, in rushing yardage, and in time of possession -- 34 1/2 minutes. Anything over 30 minutes in time of possession is good."

The Offensive Wrap-up

"Offensively, I told you that if Michigan had no turnovers they'd win -- and they only had the one fumble by Chris Perry to start the game. And I said they'd have to rush for 150 yards or more, and they ran for 253. And I also said we'd have to keep the ball out of their hands, which we did ... the ground game and turnovers were the keys."

"As far as the passing game. Ronald Bellamy, Braylon Edwards, Bennie Joppru -- that's a good trio. And Jermaine Gonzalez is being groomed, we'll see more of him next year. By the way, Edwards drops ball because he gets excited about running after the catch ... he turns and his head turns ... he's just over excited, he'll learn."

"We surpassed our average yards per game -- we had over 400."

"David Underwood had 13 carries for 43 yards. Underwood is physical, he'll will run for good yards per carry for us."

"The offensive line only gave up one sack. They'd given up 19 going in, so that's good."

The Defensive Wrap-up

"Minnesota had no big plays over 35 yards ... their biggest was 27. I'd said that they'd won in games in which they had plays over 35 yards."

"I'd also said it was important to contain their running game. And Minnesota was held to 127 yards on ground ... in their three losses they've been held under 200. Terry Jackson had one good run but was pretty well contained. Carl Diggs had a great game, the turf made him fast. Losing Zach Kaufman hurts though. Joe Sarantos played hard but made some mistakes."

"Michigan did a decent job controlling quarterback Abdul-Khaliq. He had two touchdowns passing, none running. I'd said in my preview that Minnesota won in games he had touchdowns both ways. Overall he had three interceptions, 181 yards passing, 91 running. Shantee Orr and Larry Stevens were good as usual. Pat Massey played well too, he had a tipped a ball for a interception."

"Michigan's defensive backs did a good job with their coverages. Wideout Aaron Hossack and and tight end Ben Utecht were kept in check. Michigan's safeties played well again, especially Jon Shaw. Ernest Shazor has a turf toe and didn't play, Shaw played the whole game."

As far as Special Teams

"Pierre Woods' blocked punt was the play of game. It gave us momentum when we needed it, and field position. Adam Finley averaged 47.3 punting. He is not the perfect answer on field goals, but he was 2 for 4 which is good for us this year."

"The one major mistake: we had a punt rush on when they ran their fake punt for big yards, leading to a touchdown."

A quick look ahead

"Wisconsin is not real good this year either ... they have a good offense, but their defense has been shaky. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

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