Will Nu'Keese follow Martavious to Michigan?

Michigan grabbed slot-dot Martavious Odoms for its 2008 Recruiting Class. Will Nu'Keese Richardson follow him North? We'll 'kinda-know' soon. Oh yeah - Pahokee has two more considering the Wolverines as well.

Five-foot-9, 160 pound speedster Nu'keese Richardson from Pahokee, Florida has definitely caught the eye of the Michigan Wolverines, garnering a U-M offer back in the late winter/early spring.

And Nu'Keese is scheduled to announce his decision on a school May 30th. "We have a game and later I'm going to pick a school," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I'm going to let my coach set up all of the details. I'm not sure if there will be a press conference."

Richardson says, surprisingly, that he doesn't have a school picked out just yet, saying, "In no order the schools I will decide from are South Carolina, SC (Southern Cal), Georgia, UF (Florida) and Michigan."

Why the rush to judgement? "I want to make my decision because I plan to graduate early and enroll in college in January."

So for the next ten days he says he will keep thinking about it, discussing his choices with his coach and parents with a lot of thought and prayer.

The question for Michigan fans becomes: would he really consider coming North?

He admits that one Pahokee teammate in particular shares words of advice once in awhile. "Martavious (U-M signee Martavious Odoms) always pulls me to the side to talk to me, and gives me pieces of advice ... but he isn't pushing me to follow him to Michigan. He says that I need do my own thing and do what's best for me."

So ... about possibly moving to where that white stuff on the ground in the winter is called ... snow.

"I'm from New York, and I go back and forth between there and Florida. I'm used to snow and going to a school up north like Michigan is no problem at all."

In fact, he's originally from Syracuse in upstate NY, one of the nation's biggest snow-belt areas.

One thing counting against Michigan in his decision is Nu'Keese hasn't been on a visit to Michigan. He claims that we shouldn't read too much into that , although he admits that another trip that he did make to Southern California was fun. "I haven't been to Michigan but I've always had an interest, and hoped that they would offer me a scholarship."

The main factor for him, he says, is P-T. "Playing time is going to play a big part in my decision." And, he adds, "I am going to be a wide receiver in college."

And one other thing -- he will not shut his recruiting down when he makes his commitment. "Even though I'm making my decision, I still plan to take my visits," he said. "I plan to see Georgia. I already have been to SC (Southern Cal) - I liked my visit there, and I liked the weather and the atmosphere."

Nu'Keese is also a track star but recently suffered a pulled hamstring in which hampered his performances lately, "Me and Martavious both run track: we run the 100, 200's and the 4 X 100 relays. I also long jump. I'm kind of disappointed that I got hurt."

Does chasing rabbits in the muck help that aspect of your development? Richardson laughs, "Nah, I haven't done that. I admit that I'm scared of those rabbits. I don't do that, nope."

Pahokee has a couple of more division one prospects on the roster: Brandin Hawthorne who has a Michigan offer coming-soon-but-still-not-yet-received, and Vincent Smith who received a U-M-offer in the late winter/early spring and who thinks very highly of the Wolverines.

"Those are my boys. Vincent loves Michigan. We are homeboys -- we have been running together since we were 8-9 years old playing football, playing video games. Those are my guys."

Asked why Florida seems to draw interest from schools from all over the country in hopes of finding good players, Nu'Keese didn't hesitate, "Schools like that down here we have heart; we may be smaller but we have lots of heart and speed, and we like to compete."

Even though Richardson had to wait his turn and share the ball with his talented teammates, he caught 40 passes for over 800 yards last year for the Blue Devils.

And so ...despite having over 20 offers Nu'Keese is trying to semi-shut-it-down and concentrate on getting ready for next season and the next level.

Michigan is in pretty good shape here and should still receive a visit (a fall visit?) no matter what decision Richardson makes on May 30th ... having a teammate already committed to Michigan and another with a deep affection for the Wolverines will only help.

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