Shankle Enjoying his Recruitment

For many prospects, the intensity of recruiting can grow extremely tiring. There are others, though, that find all of the attention enjoyable. Norwood, NC CB Terry Shankle is one of those prospects. Michigan is one of the schools giving chase.

Terry Shankle Profile

“I really like the recruiting process,” Shankle said.  “There is nothing wrong with it as far as I am concerned.”

With scholarships already on the table from Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Clemson, N.C. State and Virginia, there obviously isn’t much wrong with his offer list.   That said, there are still a few that he is hoping to add to his ledger.  Michigan is one of them.  The Maize & Blue was thought to already be on his offer list, but apparently the deal hasn’t been totally sealed with a written offer as yet.  According to Shankle, he should be receiving it very soon.

“I talked with Coach Fred Jackson and he is a cool straight up guy,” the talented youngster said.  “He has already watched me on tape. Coach Jackson told me it was a no-brainer that I would get an offer from Michigan."

Shankle has kept his eye on the Wolverines over the years, and he definitely likes what he sees.

“Overall Michigan is a big time program,” he said, “and they win games and they always have good players."

One criterion that Michigan, or any other program hoping to make Shankle’s list of finalists, must meet is he wants to make sure he goes to school where he, “can get a ride home.”  What he means is he does not want to stray so far away from his roots in North Carolina that it would too be hard to visit home.

So is Michigan too far away to get a ride home?

“No,” Shankle replied.  “Michigan is a place where I could get a ride home from.”

Shankle claims no leader amongst his impressive list of suitors, so for right now he is just taking his time on the recruiting trail.

“I would like to make sure I pick a good school with a good education,” he explained.  “I want a place where I can have fun and fit in.  And also where I like the people I am around.”

The South Stanly high standout will be making a few visits this summer, but he hasn’t yet determined his trip schedule.  At the moment, he isn’t in any rush to figure it out.  That’s because his decision timetable doesn’t call for him to make a choice anytime soon.  He is looking down the road a bit for that.

“It looks like I will make a decision sometime in December or February,” Shankle reported.

When the conversation turned his game, Shankle was very emphatic in describing the way he plays.

“I like an aggressive style where I tell the wide receiver which way to go,” Shankle said.  “I don’t want them telling me which way they are going to go.”

Based on his stats last season, it seems that Shankle told a lot of receivers what to do.   He had 15 interceptions during his junior campaign, four of which he took to the end zone.  To do that, aggressiveness definitely has to be on his side.

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