The Word on Shavodrick Beaver

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Wichita Halls (TX) Rider coach Scott Ponder to pick his brain about the talents of his star pupil, QB Shavodrick Beaver. He shed light on Beaver's skills, his plans for the summer, the possibility that he will enroll early, and more.

GoBlueWolverine: What kind of player is Shavodrick Beaver?

Coach Ponder: “Well he is a great kid who is our leader, our team captain, and he is the guy we look at to take us down the field. He is a special young man who just does not quit and likes the ball in his hands when the game is the line.”

GoBlueWolverine:What were some of the factors that made him choose Michigan even without visiting Ann Arbor?

Coach Ponder: “Yeah, you’re correct he never visited Michigan, but I believe he was just excited about the opportunity and also the system, so he did not want to let it pass by him. He also knows that Michigan is one of the premier programs in the country. The chance at playing early along with not many quarterbacks on the team that can run Coach Rod’s offense I believe was a big factor for Shavodrick choosing Michigan.”

GoBlueWolverine:Does Shavodrick have plans on visiting Ann Arbor this summer?

Coach Ponder: “Shavodrick is hoping to take a trip to Ann Arbor so he can see the campus, the coaches and maybe meet some of the players and recruits that he will be joining at Michigan. That of course is not for sure yet so we will see.”

GoBlueWolverine: Is Shavodrick looking to graduate early or was he going to enjoy his entire senior year?

Coach Ponder: “He is still exploring that option to see if he really wants to do that along with he needs to get done. He needs to get some things down academically to be able to make that happen, but he is exploring his options right now and looking into what is best for him.”

GoBlueWolverine: What were you thoughts on the Michigan coaches that visited your school?

Coach Ponder: “They were great.  They were some pretty good guys. Jay Hopson (LB Coach - area recruiter) along with Rod Smith (Quarterback Coach) made the visits to our school. Both are very down to earth people. They told me that if he comes in ready to play he will get a chance just like any other player no matter what year they are on the team. so he liked that a lot and really enjoyed the offense that Coach Rod has with the spread offense so that is one reason why he is thinking about enrolling early… to get a jump on learning the system and competing for the job.”

GoBlueWolverine: How would you describe his skills as a Quarterback?

Coach Ponder: “He is a good passer who does a great job of throwing the ball down the field who happens to runs extremely well. He is very dangerous athletically who can use his legs as well as his arm to beat a defense. He is a special kid.”

GoBlueWolverine: How are you going to be this year?

Coach Ponder: “Well we hope we will be ok I guess. We lost a few good players, but we should be a little bit better this year especially with Shavodrick leading our team. We got spring ball we have 18 practices so that helps the kids get into shape and learn what we expect out of them.”

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