The Dish on Wooten

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Bell Glades (FL) Central athletic director Henry Cook to get the latest on star WR Rontavious Wooten. Cook sheds light on the recent Michigan offer recipient on and off the field, his decision criteria, and more.

Rontavious Wooten Profile

GoBlueWolverine: Can you describe Rontavious off the field?

Mr. Cook: “He has great character, quiet kid; real humble kid who keeps to himself that does not really run around with many people. He is a very nice kid and is very polite young man.”

GoBlueWolverine: What type of player is Rontavious on the field?

Mr. Cook: “He loves the game of football. He has great speed and very good hands. His teammates really look up to him for his leadership skills. He is one of those players who is a quiet kid who leads by example on the field and not so much as a vocal type leader.  He has played a number of positions for us… quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back so he is a great athletic player that has speed and hands.  Teams are looking at him to get on the field no matter what position.”

GoBlueWolverine: So what position are most colleges looking for him play?

Mr. Cook: “Most college coaches I have talked with have said they want him at wide receiver, but there are a few teams that would not mind him at defensive back as well.”

GoBlueWolverine: Does Rontavious have a timeline for choosing a school?

Mr. Cook: “He is taking everything in and has not really narrowed things down yet from what he has told me. He is really enjoying the recruiting process since it only comes around once in a lifetime for some of these student-athletes.”

GoBlueWolverine: What is his interest in Michigan?

Mr. Cook: “He has interest in Michigan no doubt.  I believe it was Coach Shafer that came by our school, but (Rontavious) has not really narrowed anything down at this time.”

GoBlueWolverine: What will be some of his factors for choosing a college?

Mr. Cook: “I believe he will look at the school, coaches, and depth chart first. Then I believe he will see how he will fit in with the other players. I do not believe distance will be a factor, but he still might not go far away either. He is looking for the best opportunity to play for a very good program that wants him.”

GoBlueWolverine: What other sports, if any, does Rontavious plays?

Mr. Cook: “Rontavious plays basketball and is the starting point guard for our basketball team along with running track doing the 4x100. I am not sure what else he does for the track program since they move him around in different events depending on who they take on during a meet.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on Wooten in the coming days.

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