Gordon Keeping an Open Mind (Part 1)

Tulsa (OK) East Central CB David Gordon emerged virtually overnight as one of the hottest prospects in the heartland region. The Michigan Wolverines have been among those turning up the heat, and in turn have caused him to further evaluate his growing list of options. (Part one of two).

When Oklahoma offered in-state standout David Gordon last month, his recruitment was on the verge of reaching an abrupt end.   But when other programs like the University of Michigan decided to follow suit, the Tulsa East Central high star decided to rethink things a bit.

“I was going to commit (to Oklahoma) right then and there, just for the fact that I’ve only played varsity one year,” Gordon recalled.  “Cornerback and receiver were two totally new positions for me because I was originally a running back and a free safety.  I was like, ‘okay, this is going to be the best that’s going to happen’ because I really didn’t know much.  I never even expected to go to college for football or for any sport.  I’m like, ‘I probably should just commit and get it over with.’  But then when you’ve got people like Michigan and Michigan State coming down and offering you, I’m thinking I should wait… I should ride this one out.”

The decision to leave his options open has given a number of schools an opportunity to demonstrate their interest.  Michigan was among those that jumped very swiftly into the fray after learning of Gordon’s talents.

“A lot of these schools haven’t called,” said Gordon.  “They just showed up and offered me.  Texas A & M didn’t call or anything, and next thing I know, they come and offer me.  (Michigan) came by like a month ago (and offered).  It was coach Hopson. I thought it was nice.  It’s Michigan.  They’re over there with the Big House and Michigan is Michigan.  There’s a lot of tradition there.”

The intensity of Gordon’s recruitment has increased so rapidly that he hasn’t had an opportunity to really lock in where all of them project him on the field.

“Some of the schools say corner, but they know my speed,” he said.  “Fully automatic I can run a 10.4 in the 100, so they’re thinking kickoff return with maybe some reverses here or there.  They don’t really know.  I like to be known as an athlete anyway.  I’ll play wherever the coach needs me.  When they see me I think they see an athlete that is going off of raw ability (laughing).  They probably say, ‘he just played two new positions and is getting a whole bunch of looks, but he is not even close to his limit.  When coached up, he could be one of the best.’ “

One of the considerations for any school pursuing Gordon is their attitude toward him participating in track.  He has already made very clear to all of his suitors what his plans in that regard are.

“I’ve already talked to every college and if a college won’t allow me to run track, I’m not going to be going there,” he said matter-of-factly.  “Track is such a big part of my life... I couldn’t see myself not doing it.   In the 100 meter I’ve run a 10.4 (fully automatic), 200, 21.22 (fully automatic), my 400m is a 47 (fully automatic), and my sophomore year when I did long jump, I jumped 23-3.  Until or unless it came down to, the lord willing, going pro, then that’s when I would be like, ‘okay, I have to let it go.’”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for Part 2, coming tomorrow.

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