Gordon Keeping an Open Mind (Part 2)

In part two of our feature on Tulsa (OK) East Central CB David Gordon sheds light on his leader board, his plans to visit Michigan, and the most significant factors in his choice. Will distance from home play a role in his final decision? (Part two of two).

With new suitors showing interest seemingly every day, Tulsa (OK) East Central CB David Gordon is taking the time to survey what each of them has to offer.  A young man that just last month stated quite definitively that Oklahoma was his leader is now singing a different tune.

“Not anymore,” replied Gordon when asked whether any program stood ahead of the pack.  “My favorite actually at the very beginning was Oklahoma State.  They were one of my first offers.  It was them and Tulsa.  I thought those were the best I was going to get.  Now I’m just out in the open.  After the summer if you call me back I’ll have a top five.  We’re going to break it down during summer time.”

Michigan is one of the programs that appears to be a virtual lock to make the cut. He is already making fall plans to learn more about what the Maize & Blue has to offer and how he might fit in.

“They’re going to allow me to visit during football season,” Gordon said regarding the Wolverines.  “They’ve talked about that. I could see myself playing in that program. They haven’t really talked about coming and playing right away, but I don’t even know if I would want to come in and play right away.   I want to have some experience and nobody wants to look like a fool their first year (laughing).  I’d like to sit back and learn the system because everything is going to be new.  I’d also like to get some more weight on me… things like that.”

Gordon is counting on the visits to be a key part of the weeding out process.  They will provide him with the opportunity to see which program best meet his most important decision criterion.

“It’s going to come down to where I feel the most comfortable,” he said.  “I think that’s ultimately going to be the deciding factor because I believe if someone wants an education, they’re going to go out there and get it.  So when it comes to academics, I’m going to get my education (at any of the schools).  Athletics… when you go to a top D1 school like Michigan… they’ve got best of the best (when it comes to facilities and the like).  It’s going to come down to where my heart is at.  Where do I want to be at?”

One inevitable question (especially for programs outside the heartland region) is would he want to be at a program that isn’t close to home?

Replied Gordon, “at first me and my parents and they were talking about distance and how they won’t be able to come and it’s so far away… but then later on me and my parents talked and my father came down to this conclusion; ‘we would like to come to your games, but if you were to go away to Michigan, Miami, or Michigan State, that’s your decision because you’re going to be the one staying there for four years of your life.  So distance… it isn’t a factor anymore.”

As it turns, out location may actually be a positive factor for the Maize & Blue.  Gordon originally hails from Flint, Mi and he may be visiting his home town at some point this summer.

“We’re going to some camps, but we don’t know where or when because there are so many,” he said when asked if planned to camp in Ann Arbor.  “But if we go down to Flint, which we’ve already been talking about that being a possibility, I’ll probably go over to Michigan and Michigan State.”

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