McNeal & Beaver Spreading the U-M Word

UM commitments Bryce McNeal & Shavodrick Beaver phoned GoBlueWolverine last evening for a three-way conversation covering an array of topics. The two talented prospects discussed their friendship, their pursuit of other prospects, the programs still pursuing them, and more.

Future teammates Shavodrick Beaver and Bryce McNeal clicked almost instantly.  An initial correspondence to discuss their interest in Michigan opened the door for what has developed into a fast friendship.

“He was open and quick to make conversation and try to meet new people,” McNeal said of his new pal.  “He is a good dude.”

According to Beaver, the feeling is definitely mutual.

“Bryce told me a secret when we first started talking,” the dual threat signal caller recalled.  “He said, ‘I’m going to be a Wolverine, but you can’t tell nobody.’  I was like alright.  So I just kept it to myself.  I said, ‘Okay, I respect that… but you can’t lie to me though.  You’ve got to be a Wolverine.  You can’t just say you’re going to do it and then not do it.’  He is pretty true to his word and for that I’ve got mad respect for him.”

The bond these two youngsters have formed has made each of their commitments to Michigan even stronger, but that still hasn’t stopped other programs from attempting to get them to reconsider.

“Clemson said, ‘Stay open, take your time, and if you have a change of heart call us,’ ” McNeal reported.  “Oklahoma is still coming.  I still get like 40 letters a day.”

Added Beaver, “It was about a week and a half ago and (Texas) came through and offered me as a wide receiver.  I was like, ‘Man, I’m not interested.  If y'all are not trying to giving me a chance to play quarterback, it’s not even worth taking a look.’ They tried to talk to my coach after I left, but I wasn’t hearing it.”

And if Longhorns were to begin recruiting Beaver as a quarterback?

“I’m solid with Michigan,” he said firmly.  “(Oklahoma)… they offered me two weeks ago (as a quarterback) and I told them they should have offered me earlier.  I told them that somebody had to beat out Michigan and nobody ever did.  They waited until after I committed to Michigan and tried to make me change my decision and I was like, ‘Nah, I’m a Wolverine.’  I ain’t going nowhere.”

That collective sense of certainty about their Maize & Blue futures has made both young men go about the task of helping recruit others to Michigan with great fervor.

“I’m working on Corey Brown,” said McNeal.  “He said he’s got two… Michigan and Ohio State, but I think he is going to wait until he can take his officials (before he does anything).

“I talked to Nu'keese Richardson two weeks ago and he said he is going to make a decision on 30th,” added Beaver.  “He said Michigan was in his top three.  I didn’t try to press him into committing. It’s best just to let it happen.”

When not discussing which prospects they’ll target next, Beaver and McNeal are looking ahead to their days in Ann Arbor with excitement.  As a matter of fact, they both would like to commence their college careers as soon as possible.

“I’m working on (graduating early),” Beaver said.  “I’ve got a couple of summer classes to take care of, and then if everything comes through good then I’ll be able to.”

Added a disappointed McNeal, “I was trying to (graduate early) also, but I go to a private school and they don’t let people graduate early.”

For now both youngsters will be satisfied just to make it to campus this summer.

“I just got done with spring football and now school is about to be out this Friday,” said Beaver.  “ I’m going to start lifting on the 8th.  Then I’m going to go to some quarterback camps I think.  I don’t think I’m going to hit the Michigan camp up.  My mom said I probably wasn’t going to do it, but I’ll probably be (on campus) between the 13th and the 16th. Bryce told me to hit him up whenever I’m going. “

“I’m just waiting and whenever he says he is going, I’m going to pack it up and roll too,” said McNeal.

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