Big House: ElmoBlue takes us thru - 33 photos

GoBlueWolverine subscriber "ElmoBlue" is in the construction business, and so recently got an extensive 'cook's tour' of The Big House construction. ElmoBlue graciously shares with us 33 photos that he took on his tour. *Part One* includes the 'poor old' press box, the extensive ADA seating changes, and much-much more.

Elmo speaks: as a construction guy and Michigan fan, having the opportunity to tour the construction was, for lack of a better word, cool. Especially getting to go inside the stadium on a great day and getting to go down the tunnel to the field.

From a layman's schedule perspective, what is important is June 16 or thereabouts because that is the date when the construction goes from going all out to focusing on getting the stadium ready for Utah. And from the end of the OSU game till opening kickoff, approximately $70 million will be spent out of a total construction budget of $185 million (not counting FFE). Thus, while a lot of work has been done, there is much, much more to do.

The following two photos should give you some perspective on the size of the new structure in comparison to the old press box. The press box is suppose to remain for the remainder of construction and its demolition will have some issues due to the fact that it will be in a tight confine - as you can see!

Old Press Box - like a forlorn old house squeezed in amongst the new skyscrapers!

Press Box - tight fit!

From the next photo is of the the west side (opposite the press box) where, if you look closely, you can see the pretty extensive removal of seats that has occured to satisfy the ADA settlement.

Seats removed for ADA Seating


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