Gordon Hopes to Earn Offer Today

Detroit Cass Tech QB/S Thomas Gordon has turned heads at a number of combines this spring, but today he will be on his most important stage to date. He will be in Ann Arbor for Michigan's senior camp, and hopes to show that he has what it takes to be Wolverine. Based on his performance at ThinkDetroitPal camp this weekend, he has the athleticism necessary to make a compelling case.

Detroit Cass Tech athlete Thomas Gordon had high expectations last season, but an early injury turned that optimism into frustration.   Thanks to his perseverance, however, he was able to battle back and help his team. 

“We went five and four, but I was hurt the first four games of the season and we went one and three,” Gordon recalled.  “I came back, the team started gelling, we came together, and won four of five.  I had a solid year at the end of the year. That part went how it was expected to.”

Despite an abbreviated campaign, Gordon still gained the attention of college coaches.  Now some of them are starting to come through with scholarship offers.
“I’ve got four scholarship offers right now, Toledo, Bowling Green, Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan,” Gordon reported.  “Eastern Michigan coach just offered me.  They want me to come down to their camp.  Central Michigan… I am going down to their camp.  Michigan, I am going up to their camp on Sunday.”

Sunday’s senior camp in Ann Arbor will provide Gordon with the chance he’s been looking for.  He finally will have the opportunity to convince (or get closer to convincing) the Maize & Blue coaches that he is worthy of an offer.

“They say that they won't have a problem offering a fourth person (from Cass Tech),” Gordon said.  “You know they’ve already got Boo Boo (Boubacar Cissoko), Teric (Jones) and Big Will (William Campbell).  I was talking to Coach Dews and he said that if I do good, they’ve got no problem offering a fourth person.  It is kind a little bit of pressure go down there and perform, but football is my life, so it shouldn’t be no problem me going down there and doing good.”

With so many talented current and ex-teammates, Gordon believes he that he has been tested enough in the past to be ready for today’s challenge.

“Before Cortez (Smith) and Boubacar left, I used to practice with them all the time,” he recalled.  “Plus we have Teric.  That is how I get my work in, practicing with those guys that are better than me.  I can only make myself better doing that.”

Gordon is already pretty good in his own right.  He possesses an intriguing combination of size and athleticism.  He currently measures in at a chiseled 5-11, 205-lbs. and is capable of running the forty in 4.49 seconds.  GoBlueWolverine was in attendance at the weekend’s ThinkDetroitPal camp at Wayne State, and Gordon was just edged out by teammate Teric Jones in the fastest man contest.  He came in first in the longest throw contest, though, lofting the ball an impressive 77 yards.  While it’s clear Michigan is recruiting him as a defensive back, Gordon believes that he would also get a chance to give the position he loves a shot.

“Michigan looking at me for safety, but I am sure that in the spread offense…  and that is what we are running (at Cass Tech where he is the quarterback) this year… they will try to give me a look little bit to see how I good I am.”

The first look, though, comes today.  If it goes according to plan, don’t expect Gordon to take much time determining what his next move should be.

“If Michigan gives me my goal, then of course I am going to take it,” he said.  “Michigan is like the school that I have been looking at on TV ever since I was little.  Michigan... that is my school.”

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