Tate Forcier Makes a Little Drop-in

The talented gunslinger and brother of former Michigan QB Jason Forcier makes a surprise visit to Ann Arbor Saturday-Sunday. Does U-M still have a shot at the younger Forcier?

The trip from San Diego to Ann Arbor is usually one that requires time spent planning and organizing such a cross country journey. It usually doesn't happen just on a whim. In Tate Forcier's case, however, sometimes it does.

"I've always been a Michigan fan. I remember waking up to my dad screaming at the T.V. during the Ohio State game. I've always liked Michigan. I really wanted to meet Coach Rodriguez, the new staff, and see the new offense. I'm really excited to see it."

So on Saturday morning, when Tate arrived in the Great Lakes State, he spent most of the day getting his wish a little more one on one.

"We flew in this morning at 6. We spent the whole day with Coach Rod and the staff watching film from West Virginia and the spring game to know and see what the QB's did. And I got a chance to get to know Coach Rodriguez more."

"We're here today and for camp tomorrow, and we fly out tomorrow night. It's just my dad and I. We just wanted to come out and see the changes in the weight room and the construction on the Big House. It was really exciting."

Spending all day in a film room and going through meetings with the coaches more than definitely impedes a chance to take in the rest of a universities atmosphere, such as campus life and socialization. But for Tate, it doesn't matter.

"I've been on campus several times when I came out when Jason was here. I've gotten a pretty good feel for what it's all about. And I've had my share of coney island's as well. The hot dogs are real good."

With a scholarship offer already in hand, a relatively complete understanding of the school and the campus many would wonder why the Forcier's would make such a trek in a short period of time if the young man has nothing left to prove.

"I'm excited to show what I got," he said. "The way I see it, it's better for the coaches to see you in person."

With Forcier excited about the changes being made around Ann Arbor, what has he made of the current situation with two quarterbacks already in the Wolverine's fold?

"The way I see it, I'm a pure quarterback. Kevin is a great guy and I've been to a few camps with him, and Kevin is a raw athlete. But he's a special athlete. I don't know much about Shavodrick's game, but I know he's good. I think I'm the most complete quarterback in the country and I don't mean that in a cocky sense, I've just been to all the camps and I've seen all the other guys. I think the competition of Kevin and Shavodrick would make me a better quarterback. I think I can beat anyone if I put my mind to it."

So with Forcier's continued interest in Michigan, and the knowledge that Kevin Newsome and Tate are good friends, have they been able to communicate since the commitments?

"I've tried getting a hold of Kevin, but he's really busy as well and we actually haven't had the chance to talk. Shavodrick and I have talked though, and we tried to set up a time to meet here. We were going to for the camp June 15th, but I have 7 on 7 drills coming up with my high school so I'll be busy for that and why I came this week. Shavodrick is actually trying to get me to commit, he's doing some recruiting. To me, that's a true sign that he'll be special when you try to bring another, even a 3rd quarterback into the mix. He's a true Michigan commit."

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