Gress Enjoys Wolverine One-Day

With several highly recruited lineman in the house on Sunday, the top performer in the group by GBW's count was West Mifflin (PA) sleeper Adam Gress. We caught up with Gress afterwards to hear his thoughts on his performance, the campus in general and the Wolverine ties in his family.

Rep after rep on Sunday, West Mifflin offensive tackle Adam Gress put would-be pass rushers in the Oosterbaan field turf. Coming in without a ton of hype, the 6'7, 295-lb Gress outperformed everyone's expectations, including his own.

"I think it went really well," he said, "It went a lot better than I thought it would. I think I had a really good day."

"Good," may be an understatement. Gress currently holds seven offers from Ohio, Kent State, Marshall, Bowling Green, Rutgers and Central Florida, but is still largely under the radar. If he repeats his performance in Ann Arbor during upcoming camps at Pittsburgh, Penn State and Virginia, Gress could be looking at a few more offers.

Part of why schools have been a little late jumping on him is due to his transformation. Last year at this time, he was a 6'5, 245-lb tight end and played last season at 250-lbs, much different from the mountain of a man he is today.

"I just worked hard in the weight room to add good weight. I was lifting hard, eating a lot and now I'm around 290. After what I did today, I think I still move pretty well at this weight." The Wolverines might have gotten a similar impression as Gress said, "I think they like me a lot. I got that impression because Coach Frye was working with me a lot even in simple drills. Then in 1-1s, he worked with me. The first couple I was messing up, but he corrected me and after that, I performed a lot better. I think he liked seeing that I was coachable."

This trip to Ann Arbor was Gress' first and while in the football building, he and his dad stopped to look at the team picture from 1961 where they saw a familiar face: Adam's uncle, Jim Zubkus, a tight end on that squad. Afterwards, Zubuks showed his nephew around the town where he spent four years and where Adam may do the same.

"Yeah, I'd say they're up there actually," Gress said of his favorites list, "I kind of went in thinking, it's a Big Ten school, if they offer me that would be a good look. Then my uncle showed me around Ann Arbor and my dad and I liked it a lot. I'd say today did bring them up on my list."

One thing is still missing though, that fateful offer.

"Coach Frye and Coach Gibson both said to give them a call in about a week. They're going to evaluate the film and that whole process."

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