Meet Michael Schofield as He Meets Michigan

Ill. OT Michael Schofield (6-6, 275) from Orland Park Sandberg is, as's #46 Midwest Jr., one of the Midwest's most underrated guys. He's making his second visit to U-M today -- he also BBQ'ed at the Big House in late May. GBW got the run-down on Michael from his head coach ... a 275-lb. 110m hurdler champ??? And a guy who'll be making a summer decision between a few Midwest schools???

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GoBlueWolverine: How is your team going to be this year?

Coach Wierzal "Well we should be competitive with anybody we play this year. We play in a tough conference that reminds me many of the Big Ten, where almost anybody can beat any team on any given day. Of course, having people like Mike Schofield help leading us helps our offense and defense, because of how the teams have to try and handle him."

GoBlueWolverine: What kind of player is Mike on and off the field for your team?

Coach Wierzal: "It is funny being asked that question, because when you meet Mike he is a quiet kid who is very humble like a lot of offensive linemen can be sometimes ... but he is one of the hardest working kids on the team and you see that especially on game day. He is a kid that will block to the whistle and be that person that will make his first block and then try and get that second block on down the field. He goes all out, but is very humble and almost business like about it. He is not a person that you will see trash talking or getting in a competitor's face. He is a person that will go full out 110% as they all say and then after the play huddle up and get ready to do it again. He really is a great kid."

GoBlueWolverine: Going off that what are some of his strengths and what does he need to work on for next year and at the college level?

Coach Wierzal: "He is a kid that is still filling out and has a lot of potential. He is a person that ran the 110-meter hurdles as a freshmen and sophomore. As a freshman, he was the conference champion, and he placed second his sophomore year ... he had that lean and lanky build. After his sophomore year, he started filling out a little bit -- so he is a very athletic kid who has physically developed and changed quite a bit over the past year. Even from last fall, he has probably put on thirty-five pounds since football season. He is a very hard working kid who did track this year as well doing the shot and disk, but he still came to our speed agility camp on Wednesday nights after his track practice. His biggest challenge going forward will be keeping the athletic ability he had as a freshman and sophomore as his frame builds up and he grows out. He is probably now around 275 pound and when he gets to college with a good S&C program he could easily be around 300 pounds, so he needs to maintain that very good foot speed that he has right now."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he seem like a kid who has a lot of potential yet, along with still growing into an offensive lineman?

Coach Wierzal: "When you watch him on film he is a force right now, and it will be interesting to see how teams in our league handle him right now. There are not many people that I can think of that will be able to go one on one with him. Quickness might be an issue for him since he is 6-7 and 275 pounds and might be going up against a wrestler type defender that is six inches shorter and seventy-five to one hundred pounds lighter. That might be one thing that Mike will have to deal with, but he runs a five-flat forty time right now, so for his size he is not a slow guy, and his pro agility is very good. He is going to be the real deal in our conference."

GoBlueWolverine: Have you dealt with the new Michigan coaches before at their different schools?

Coach Wierzal: "No this is my first time, and they are some good people and great guys. Michael talked about them and was very impressed with them, along with the program itself."

GoBlueWolverine: Does Michael have offers from all the Big Ten schools now?

"He has offers from every Big Ten School and Notre Dame. Wisconsin has not sent him an offer yet, but they have told him one is on the way along with telling him he has one over the phone."

GoBlueWolverine: What are going to be some of the main factors for Mike making a decision for a school?

Coach Wierzal: "Distance is a factor because his family is in the Chicago suburbs, so I believe he would really like to stay in this area if possible. And I think ideally a Big Ten type school would be great for him and his family. Most of his family is within driving distance for them to see him play every week. Of course, you have the academics that will play into it as well, and all the Big Ten programs have very good academics with some of them being better than others, but for the most part they all have good schools and get a good education no matter where he might attend school. I think he is looking at a complete school and not just football, so depth charts I do not think will be a factor -- or at least not the deciding factor. Most linemen red-shirt their freshman year so a lot can happen in that amount of time, so I think a kid really needs to pick a school where he feels comfortable."

GoBlueWolverine: How much interest does Mike have with Michigan?

Coach Wierzal: "He is very excited about Michigan and meeting the staff and personnel and seeing them at a practice or working out to get a feel for how the coaches are on and off the field. Seeing how they react towards the players is a big thing for him as well so that is another thing that he is looking at when selecting a school."

GoBlueWolverine: What is his timeline for making his college decision?

Coach Wierzal: "Well it could be at any time, but he has told me he wanted to have it all completed before football started."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he have a top five list?

Coach Wierzal: "He has narrowed it down, but not really sure he has a top five list yet, but Michigan is up there for sure, with Illinois, Northwestern and several other schools. Notre Dame was up there with him, but they kind of lost interest in him earlier, but just recently came back in scene with offering him a scholarship -- so I am not sure where they stand right now. Colorado is probably up there as well even though they are not a Midwest team, but he has family out there so they could be a factor, along with Boston College -- but I'm not sure, he wants to go that far from home without family members around."

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