Sun-Offers? 2nd Visit Today; All-Visit-List

**PM Updates 1 & 2: And offers yet from Sunday? There is a 2nd Top OL visitor today** And ... Getting ready for the next camp -- the week-long June 15-19. GBW already has 10 confirmed campers incl. a good MS contingent -- a more 'top-heavy' list than this past Sunday. ALso incl. the complete June 8 wrap-up, and all past visits from '09 kids. Also, if you missed it: this AM's 6 recruiting updates.

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Tues a-noon TJBlog: Today's Visitor(s) (plural) 


**Tues After-Noon**, June 10th Updates: All Visits Coming/Going


Also, if you missed it:
Tues AM TJBlog: 6 recruiting updates

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