Mark Ouimet's Top 25

Here's a 'primer' going into tomorrow's (Nov. 16) games.

Mark Ouimet's Top 25 Going Into November 16 Games br>
1. Miami (Fl.) – You can't play single coverage against Andre Johnson and expect to win like Tennessee thought. They also have the two top vote getters in this years Heisman race! Expect another win to make it 32 straight!

2. Texas – With WR Roy Williams healthy and having eight catches for 172 yards against Baylor, you will see the Longhorns win on the road this week at Texas Tech in another high scoring affair.

3. Ohio State – With RB Maurice Clarett out of the last two games with Illinois and Michigan they will lose at least one. That was a bad road win against a very average Purdue team.

4. Oklahoma – They'd just got done beating three straight Top 25 teams before this loss against A&M, so don't count them out of the BCS Championship game. The Big 12 Championship game could be a huge boost for the Sooners.

5. Iowa – The best team in the Big Ten and an outside chance at the BCS Championship. They just keep winning -- and Brad Banks is going to sneak in the Heisman race. Kirk Ferentz gets my vote for the National Coach of the year.

6. Washington State – Guess What? Coach Gessser and this team are for real in the Pac Ten, and will clinch the Title in two weeks against Washington … a bye this week.

7. Georgia – With the loss to Florida last week, they are still fighting for the East Title in the SEC. This is going to be a tough road game at Auburn this week – the game will really determine whether this coaching staff is for real. Can they win the big games?

8. Alabama – They are might be the best team in the SEC, and a win on the road against LSU will prove it.

9. Kansas State – Probably the best defense in the Big 12, they still have an outside chance of winning the Big 12 Championship. A date with Nebraska shouldn't stop the wildcats or RB Darren Sproles.

10. USC – Losses to Kansas State and Washington State have this team fighting mad to win the rest of their games, with three big dates against Arizona State, UCLA, and Notre Dame.

11. Notre Dame – Coach Tyrone Willingham now has tied Parseghian and Brennan with the most wins in first year with nine. Thanks to DB Vontez Duff – without him this team wouldn't be close to this ranking.

12. LSU – I was at their game against Kentucky and now you know why you play 60 minutes. Haven't seen a finish like this since Michigan and Colorado. The Tigers will have to bring their "A" game against Alabama however. The Tide will put the Hammer to the Tigers and you should hear Roll Tide, Roll all day long.

13. Virginia Tech – With RB Kevin Jones out for at least two weeks with a hamstring, RB Lee Suggs need to step it up and deliver against West Virginia. The Hokies can't afford three straight losses.

14. Michigan – RB BJ Askew delivers against Minnesota with 253 yards, and the ground game appears to be rolling in the right direction. It will get a good test in two weeks against Ohio State -- but they must continue to pound the ball through the Wisconsin defense first.

15. Penn State – DT Michael Haynes and RB Larry Johnson deliver in the win against Virginia. They should finish 9-3 with remaining dates versus Indiana and Michigan State.

16. Florida State – With RB Greg Jones out for the season RB Nick Maddox delivered with a career high 122 yards in last week's win versus Georgia Tech. They'll get another win this week versus North Carolina, with a date with NC State in two weeks.

17. Maryland – I had the Terps at 22 last week and nobody else had them ranked at all. With losses to Notre Dame and Florida State they deserve this ranking. And with the return of RB Bruce Perry and a road date with Clemson look for them to keep climbing in the polls.

18. Florida – A close win again with Vanderbilt isn't different than under former Coach Steve Spurrier. They can't look past South Carolina with Florida State game around the corner or the Gamecocks will take advantage of the Gators.

19. North Carolina State – Back to Back losses to Georgia Tech and Maryland -- look for QB Philip Rivers to deliver on the road against Virginia.< br>
20. Pittsburgh – Losses to Texas A&M and Notre Dame kept them out of my Top 25 until this week. I was making sure they didn't have a let down against Temple, which almost happened. With the Big East Title on the line against Miami look for Pittsburgh to drop in my poll this week a spot or two.

21. Colorado State – With only two losses this year and a win against Colorado, the Rams deserve this ranking just like Coach Sonny Lubick deserves the new contract of $2.5 million for five years.

22. Colorado – With the Buffaloes topping 200 yards rushing in five of seven games it looks like they will keep it rolling against Iowa State.

23. Oregon – With three losses to Arizona State, Washington State, and USC they deserve to stay in the Top 25. And with their last two games against Washington and Oregon State the Top 25 shouldn't be a problem. I do feel bad for whoever gets a bowl match up with this team, because they a solid team all the way around … this is the game that I am going to this weekend.

24. Boise State – With the only loss to Arkansas and blowouts of every team they play they are now in the Top 25.

25. TCU – With their only loss coming in the first game of the year, at which I was in attendance, they are my new Top 25 team. They have two games left in East Carolina and Memphis, which are both winnable.

Auburn – A great game in the SEC and a win against Georgia at home will get the Tigers in my Top 25.
Bowling Green – A win against a good South Florida team will get them consideration to get back into the Top 25; they will find out how bad they want to win coming off their first loss to Northern Illinois.
Arizona State – With back to back losses, if they beat USC they still will get back into the Top 25 -- that's why they were out of my poll last week, because I knew there probably would be a letdown.
UCLA – If they can beat USC in two weeks they are in the Top 25, which would be the first time back since September 14th.
Nebraska – If they can deliver against Kansas State they might get back into the Top 25. West Virginia – They beat Boston College on Saturday, can they now get past Virginia Tech? If they do they are in the Top 25.
Arkansas – Two more weekends of winning, which they are capable of, and they will sneak back into the poll with all three loses coming to good teams.
Texas A&M – A huge win over Oklahoma, and if they can beat Missouri and Texas in back to back games they will get into the Top 25.
Iowa State – Seneca Wallace just had a terrible game, but if they can put one together against Colorado they might make it back into the Top 25.
Georgia Tech – If they beat Duke and Georgia they are in the Top 25 with their four losses coming to Clemson, Wake Forest, Maryland and Florida State.
South Florida – With losses to Arkansas and Oklahoma so far they are starting to get my consideration. A win of against Bowling Green will get them to the top of this list, which is hard to do as an independent.
Hawaii – Losses to Boise State and BYU, but with four solid opponents on the schedule they could make a run at the Top 25.
Minnesota – Never made my Top 25 because they just aren't that good. If they could somehow muster one against Iowa they will finally make it. If they don't they will drop out of the others' as well.

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