Michigan Makes Martin's Cut

When Indianapolis (IN) Bishop Chatard offensive lineman Zach Martin traveled to Ann Arbor to take in Michigan's spring game back in April he got a good idea of what the Wolverines have to offer, but that picture was incomplete. The 6-5, 260-pounder decided to travel back to the Great Lake State again Wednesday to gain a deeper understanding, and he didn't come away disappointed.

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 “It went real well,” Martin said regarding his Michigan visit Wednesday.  “When you think of Michigan, you think ‘big time.’ I’m definitely more interested.  It definitely caught my eye a little more because I got to find out a lot more stuff about the program and about the people around the program. We got to meet the coaches again.  We got to tour everything and also got to meet with some of their O-lineman, talk to them for a while.”

The personal time with the staff gave Martin the opportunity to explore how he might fit in at Michigan, both on and off the field.  He found the interaction with offensive line coach Greg Frey and strength coach Mike Barwis to be particularly beneficial.

“There was one other kid down there, Michael Schofield and we did some stuff together but then we kind of broke off, Martin recalled.  “We basically got to spend time with everyone ourselves.  We definitely got a lot more information out of it. We got probably a little over a half hour of one-on-one time with Coach Rodriguez.  It was good to meet with him again and good to get to know him.  The academic counselor gave her whole presentation for everyone.  We all got to sit down in her office and talk to her for a while.  We got a lot of one-on-one time.  We got to watch some film with Coach Frey, the offensive line coach.  He said when they bring in offensive linemen, they learn all three positions… tackle, guard, and center.  You can come in and kind of go to a position that you want to play kind of, but then he will put you where you (fit best).  He said it is always good to be versatile and be able to play every position.”

“We also got to sit down with their strength and conditioning coach,” Martin continued.  “He is intense.  Real intense.  I like him though.  His goal is to make all those players better and I think from seeing and talking to those guys, even though they say it is real hard, they say his stuff definitely pays off.”

It’s clear that the trip moved Michigan up in Martin’s eyes, but have the Wolverines separated themselves from the pack?

 “No I wouldn’t say I had a favorite,” Martin reported.  “I have probably my four or five schools that I am going to narrow in on now.  I am settled on Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, Virginia and Kentucky.”

Sorting through that list of favorites is a process that entails taking more visits.  Martin plans to resume his tour in just a matter of days.

“I am going to Virginia this weekend and then Norte Dame on Tuesday and then Illinois next Friday.  I don’t really have a timeline (for a decision).  I'm just kind of playing things by ear, seeing what happens, waiting for that gut feeling, and seeing where it takes me.”

Looking back on his time in Ann Arbor, Martin indicated that the Wolverines did an impressive job of meeting much his decision criteria.  Now he will be looking to see if his other favorites can do the same.

 “Definitely academics are key, and Michigan definitely has the academic prestige,” Martin explained.  “I want to get to know the coaches and get to know the players and see their chemistry together... see if they like what is going on there.  Another big thing is if those coaches left or if I get hurt or something, could I enjoy the school and just be a student? That is a biggie.”

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