Nwachukwu On U-M's Watch List

The very physical and fast wide receiver from Allen, Tex. Uzoma Nwachukwu has received around 30 offers from universities all across the nation. Has Michigan joined in with the other heavy weights?

Uzoma Nwachukwu (Oo-Zo-Mah Watch-Kwoo) is a name that, once you hear it, you won't forget it. It is a name that around 30 schools or so have tossed around in coaches meetings several times.

What do coaches like about him? Nwachukwu tells GoBlueWolverine what he think:

"I think I'm a real physical player. I use my physical abilities well. I'm a real aggressive guy, and run after the catch and things like that."

And, he told GBW, as a result, a lot of schools are interested.

"Recruiting is going really well. I'm up to 30 some offers, so I have a lot of options and I'm very blessed to have these options. A&M, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas just made a big push, and Nebraska and Kansas. Those schools are really coming after me."

Has Michigan joined in?

"I'm not positive if I have a Michigan offer," Uzoma said. My teammate Steven Terrell told me they said to have me call them but I didn't have my phone so I don't know if they wanted to offer or just talk to me."

The 6-0, 186 lb., 4.38 sec-40 wide receiver models his game after some of the best pro receivers to step foot on a football field.

"I grew up being a huge fan of old school Jerry Rice and old school Randy Moss. And I've always like Terrell Owens cause of his physical game and I like to think I'm the same type receiver."

With Michigan's long and well known history regarding receivers making it into the league isn't lost on Uzoma.

"Michigan is always a school on top. I think with the departure of Mario Manningham and the other receiver, there will be a great chance to play early. Having Coach Rodriguez come in, I know he had a pretty good history at WVU. I've heard only good things about him. And they're top receivers just went to the NFL. With them going to the NFL, and guys like Steve Breaston and all these receivers go to the league so it also peeks my interest."

With his interest peaked and familiarity with the history of Michigan firmly intact, does the talented playmaker plan on actually seeing the school with his own eyes?

"It all depends because I have all sorts of visits that are all scheduled out. I'm going to Notre Dame on the 18th, but it's hard with everything scheduled. But I'm definitely going to keep in contact with them."

What is Nwachukwu looking for in a school?

"When I'm talking to them and visiting schools I'd say the top thing I'm looking for is playing time and the second thing is the coaching staff. The overall thing is just feeling comfortable with all aspects of the school I'm going to."

With a busy summer already planned out, what else is on the docket for Nwachukwu?

"The summer is just all about getting familiar with the places I could possibly go. I'm probably going to the Texas camp and it's the only camp I'll go to this summer. The rest I'll just take visits and get ready for the upcoming football season. I'm going to try to commit before my senior season, so I can just focus on playing football and leading my team to a state championship. That's the plan right now."

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