Will West Monroe's Mingo go North?

Louisiana LB/DE/TE/WR Barkevious Mingo is Scout.com's #54 Southeast Junior, and U-M has offered him a schollie. What kind of shot does a Northern school have at the talented jumbo-athlete?

Barkevious Mingo (6-5, 210, 4.6) from West Monroe, La. (in the northern part of the state) is Scout.com's #54 Southeast Junior. Michigan has offered the jumbo-athlete ... do the Wolverines have a serious shot? GBW asked his head coach about it.

GoBlueWolverine: What position are most college coaches telling him they want him to play?

Coach Shows: "Well seems like a lot want him at linebacker, but like I tell them I am not sure where he could play because he played linebacker for one year and did an outstanding job. He runs well enough to where he could be a linebacker, or a defensive end if he kept growing and added weight ... along with possible tight end ... or if he didn't add a lot of weight I believe he cound be an effective wide receiver. I really just do not know where the best position for him to play because he is such a good athlete. For us he will play linebacker."

GoBlueWolverine: Is the home state team LSU going to be the team to beat for Barkevious?

Coach Shows: "Well he has a few friends that play for LSU right now that are from West Monroe; that would be one thing to attract him to LSU besides them being the home state team."

GoBlueWolverine: What kind of player is he on the field?

Coach Shows: "Well he is a good one since everybody is calling him that is for sure. He has a tremendous amount of upside who can run and has a great motor that practices hard and plays hard while having fun playing the game."

GoBlueWolverine: How about what kind of person is Barkevious?

Coach Shows: "Let me put it this way: if you had a son and could model your son after him you would be very happy. He is a kid that lives right, does right and very humble kind of kid who goes in and takes care of his business and a great human being and you cannot say that all the time with some of these kids nowadays."

GoBlueWolverine: How much interest does he have in Michigan?

Coach Shows: "I know that they offered him, and along with they have talked to him about possibly playing for Michigan. But right now I am not sure what his interest level is right now to be honest. I believe Michigan is in his top five, but I don't know where they rank right now compared to the other schools."

GoBlueWolverine: Will distance be a big factor in his decision to attend a school?

Coach Shows: "Yeah, it probably will be when all said and done. His family isn't rich, and it might be a real strain on them to be able to see him play in person along with him being able to come home to visit."

GoBlueWolverine: What is his timeline to making a decision?

Coach Shows: "Honestly I don't really know, but I am hoping he commits to somebody before the season. That is what I am pushing for, so he can pick a school and get all this over with ... because sometimes this recruiting thing can turn into a big mess and the kid gets pulled in all different directions. I would like this mess to be over with so he can concentrate on his schooling along with playing football for me since he has a whole year with me. Some of these kids rather forget that once these college coaches start calling and stuff."

GoBlueWolverine: What other sports does he play besides football?

Coach Shows: "He plays basketball and runs track. He is a very good athlete who is quite fast for his size."

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