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Las Vegas (NV) Silverado High DE Keenan Graham made the trip to Great Lake State for a family reunion this weekend. While there, he took advantage of the opportunity to pay a visit to the one school in his top three he hadn't seen yet, the University of Michigan. GBW spoke with the Vegas star on his way out of Ann Arbor to find out if he found a jackpot in Michigan. Has his leaderboard changed?

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One of the first things to catch Graham’s attention while on Michigan's campus was all of the new construction. 

“I was really impressed with everything," he said. "They took me to the Big House and showed me all the work they’re doing with the luxury boxes and the new facilities. They showed me a video of what the stadium’s going to look like. Coach Rodriguez talked about the players lounge they’re putting in and the TV monitors in the lockers so they can communicate with the players easier.”

While the facilities and the direction of the program are key aspects of Graham's decision criteria, he came into the visit knowing that academics and support would be equally important. Het walked away impressed on those fronts as well.

“Shari Acho gave me an academic tour and showed me all the facilities, it was pretty impressive," Graham recalled. "We got a tour of the campus and dorms too. It was great because I already know about all the tradition but the academics were really impressive too.”

After the athletic facilities and academics , another facet he took notice of was the staff’s attentiveness and hospitality.

Said Graham, “it was nice because I got to talk with all the coaches for a long time... not just, 'hey how ya doing? …Nice to meet you.' I talked with coach Shafer for a long time and sat down in coach Rodriguez’s office for awhile. They told me they’re looking for speed rushers and guys to come off the edge and rush the passer. They said I could even play linebacker and depending on how big I get they could use me in a few different roles.”

Of course one staff member that seemingly always stands out with recruits is strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Barwis. So what did Graham think of him?

“He took me around the weight room and showed me some things," Graham said. "I actually learned a few things while I was there. Man he had high energy! He talked about NFL players coming through to workout too. Larry Foote from the Steelers was actually in there working out and quite a few players were too. I got to meet a lot of them.”

Now that the four-star prospect has visited all of his top three schools, will there be a shift in the order?

“I was really impressed with Michigan," Graham admitted. "They might be ahead of UCLA now actually. I still have a lot to go over between Michigan and USC though.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Graham in the coming weeks.

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