Sunday Night Full-Bore Camp Action! (Free)

The June 15-19 Michigan Football Camp got under way Sunday evening with full-bore action, and GoBlueWolverine were there in force -- GBW is always your 'wall to wall' camp team! Read on for: who performed well, who got 'the eye', prominent underclass performers, who's arriving Monday and Tuesday ... and some prominent not-campers.

Lots of action Sunday Night -- here are the highlights of what 'went down':
(for more detail, click on last's night coverage on the GBW Premium Message Board: Sun-nite TJBlog Updates)

1. Performing Sunday night: Miss. DT Josh Boyd from Philadelphia.'s #197 Jr.
We watched Boyd first of all Sunday evening. Boyd's game is quickness/agility. He's not as hefty as we expected -- not small by any means at 6-2.5 to 6-3, and 275 pounds. But not a mauler ... he's fast. Quick. Agile. He'll be a super-quick DT for wherever he goes to college. And -- he's camping the whole week.

2. Performing Sunday night: Ohio DB commit J.T. Turner from Massillon Washington.'s #161 Junior.
We didn't expect J.T. until Monday, but there he was Sunday night.
First off - this kid is TALL ... it he's not 6-3 he's darn close. He's wirey-thin - doesn't have Jamar-Adams-broad shoulders. Maybe 180 lbs?. Is he a corner or a safety? We debated this as we watched him -- we settled on FS with coverage skills. He's taller than Stevie Brown without the straight-ahead-blaze (but just as quick). He's not as broad shouldered as Jamar, but definitely quicker-faster. Tonight was just each position doing drills on their own -- we'll see how he does against WR's as the week goes on to see if he's a CB or a S.

3. The guy who got 'the eye' tonight from Coach-Rod.
RB Zurelon Tipton (June 8 camp stats: 6-0.25, 195, 4.55 40, 32.5 in vert, 4.45 sec shuttle) from Sterling Heights Parkway.
This super-sleeper evidently wants U-M ... if an offer comesit wouldn't be surprising if he jumps on it immediately.

4. Arriving today (Monday):
Miss. S Dennis Thames (6-0, 180, 4.4) from Louisville, MS.'s #145 SE Junior. Thames' uncle is Detroit Tigers outfielder Marcus Thames.

5. Underclassmen (sophs) performing well Sun. night:

--- WR Jeremy Jackson (6-3.5, 190), Coach Jackson's son ... Jeremy is back from UT camp last Sunday (Texas is ... "hot!" ... and we're talking the weather) ... back in friendly confines.

--- Ricardo Miller, a speedy little slot-dot from Orlando (Jones HS?). Just stay tuned to see how he does this week ... IMO he's camping all week.

6. Coming Tuesday:

--- A lot of interest in this one: Soph instate RB Austin White from Livonia Stevenson.
(June 8 camp stats: 5-11 1/4, 186, 4.59 40, 35 in vert., 4.34 shuttle)
An offer is a semi-sorta-forgone conclusion IMO.

--- P/K Anthony Fera (6-2, 230) from tiny Houston St. Pius X.
Looks like Fera not waiting until the "Kicking Camp" June 29 ... look for him this Tuesday/Wednesday. He'll kick some then -- and if he gets offered ...

6. Under discussion Sunday evening - will they show sometime this week?

--- Cass Tech QB/S Thomas Gordon (6-1, 185). Trieu's #37 instater. His dream is to play for Michigan ...

--- Ind. LB Jordan Barnes (6-0, 225) from Ft. Wayne Homestead.'s #62 Midwest Junior.

7. Not Camping:

--- not coming to camp is Fla. S Mike Jones (6-2.5, 195, 4.5) from Orlando Edgewater (Greg Mathews' high school).

--- The Youngstown Liberty kids are not coming this week, incl. slot-commit Fitzgerald Toussaint and LB Julius Ferrell

--- don't expect soph Det. Cass Tech CB Dior Mathis (5-7, 160) ... we're hearing Michigan doesn't interest him much (think Miami) ...

8. Also a topic of discussion around camp Sunday night:
Soph Fla. DB Marvin Robinson (who camped in '07)
There will be a concerted effort made to get Robinson at camp late in the week (or during 7-on-7's that start Friday) ... otherwise he'll make a USC-U-M trip in July. BTW, it is USC that is the competition, not any other school.

9. Kids who've visited pre-camp already:

--- Visited Friday/Saturday: Texas QB commit Shavodrick Beaver (6-5, 210),'s #286 Junior - he was already here Friday and gone Saturday ... we'll have more.

--- Visited Friday: Vegas DE Keenan Graham (6-4, 215).'s #253 Junior. He lived in Michigan for a time, and is in Michigan for a reunion.

--- Visited June 10th: Indianapolis OL Zack Martin (6-5, 280) Indianapolis Bishop Chatard

--- Visited June 10th: Ill. OT Michael Schofield (6-6, 275) from Orland Park Carl Sandberg. He is's #46 Midwest Jr.

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