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GoBlueWolverine talks in length to the head coach of West Mifflin, PA OT Adam Gress, who camped at U-M on June 8th and was offered right afterwards. Will he make a decision early?

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GoBlueWolverine: How many offers does Adam have right now?

Coach Brennan: "He has eight offers with Michigan being the biggest so far, along with Rutgers, West Virginia, Central Florida, Marshall, and several MAC schools."

GoBlueWolverine: What is his current height and weight?

Coach Brennan: "He is 6'7 and 295 pounds ... he obviously play offensive tackle for our program."

GoBlueWolverine: Seems like Adam is just being noticed now through all these camps?

Coach Brennan: "Well I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that last year he was 6'7 and 240 pounds and he was very inexperienced."

GoBlueWolverine: Can you talk about the type of player he is on and off the field?

Coach Brennan: "Since the day the season got over, he has not missed one day of weight lifting. He is really working hard on getting a lot stronger, bigger, and faster. He has really matured this year and I believe he is going to be a very dominant player this coming year. Many colleges are thinking that is well by the offers that are starting to roll in and the attention that is picking up for him. He is very coachable kid who is a good B student. Character wise and education wise he is a quality kid and somebody you like to have on your team."

GoBlueWolverine: He went to the Michigan camp last week -- has he been anywhere else?

Coach Brennan: "He went to the Michigan camp like you said, plus the Pittsburgh camp ... and he is planning on going to the Penn State camp. I think he is taking a visit to West Virginia very soon as well to gauge these teams' interest right now."

GoBlueWolverine: What are some of the things he needs to work on to get better at the next level?

Coach Brennan: "The things I think he needs to work on is just get more experience. Obviously, he has the size right now, and of course everybody wants to always get stronger and faster." GoBlueWolverine: Can you say what some of his strengths as a football player?

Coach Brennan: "His biggest strength has to be his work ethic. He has worked extremely hard the last eight months in the weight room along with doing agilities. He is one kid that knows he needs to put the time in to get the rewards on the football field."

GoBlueWolverine: Will distance be a factor and what are some of the things he is looking for in a college?

Coach Brennan: "Distance will be a factor. I think he wants to stay somewhat close to home so his family can see him play. He and his family are very close and they will want to see him play all the time if possible. Of course, he is looking at a school academically and what the school has to offer. Along with how comfortable he feels with the coaches, players, and people on campus. The chance of being able to compete and playing at one of those schools is another factor."

GoBlueWolverine: When he came to the Michigan camp what were his thoughts on Michigan and his interest level?

Coach Brennan: "He was very impressed with Michigan. Really, the only reason he went to the Michigan camp was because it did not conflict with any other camp at the time and he wanted to check them out. He was not sure what to expect and he was not expecting an offer or anything like that, because we have not heard much from them ... but that is understandable because of him being a late bloomer. He was very impressed with the campus and the facilities at Michigan along with all the new things going up and around the football program. He has an uncle that played at Michigan and who met him there at the football camp, so there are some ties to them ... but right now, I think he is trying to see who is interested in him and giving everybody a fair chance to recruit him. Anybody that has watched a college football game knows about Michigan football and the tradition of Michigan. When you think of major programs, one of the very first ones you think of is Michigan football."

GoBlueWolverine: Who is his area recruiter along with who does he talk with the most?

Coach Brennan: "Well Tony Gibson is the area recruiter and the one that called us to say they were going to offer. I know that Greg Frey has been able to talk with Adam quite a bit, and it seems Adam likes him a lot as well. He was able to talk with a lot of the coaches including Coach Rod at the camp."

GoBlueWolverine: Does Adam have a timeline for making a decision and who will help him make this decision?

Coach Brennan: "We have not really discussed that yet, but I think he is going to wait to see who all offers now since he is starting to get more attention -- especially now getting a Michigan offer will usually make other programs take a look at a kid. His parents will help him, along with myself. On making a decision -- it will be up to Adam where he decides to go. We will give him any advice that he might ask, but it will be strictly up to him."

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