Tulsa Central-East #1-A: David Gordon

Yesterday GBW talked with the Tulsa Central-East head coach about DL Pearlie Graves. Today - the talk moves to the better-known-to-U-M-fans teammate, Flint-native CB David Gordon.

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GoBlueWolverine: Has David narrowed down his list yet?

Coach Hill: "Well I believe he has it narrowed down to Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and LSU. Those are four very good programs and he could not go wrong at any of those schools. He has had just about every major program in the country offer him."

GoBlueWolverine: Can you talk about David on and off the field?

Coach Hill: "He is a corner that is a stud, along with being one of the fastest kids in America, and you can go from there. He placed seventh in the 200 and 100 meters nationally his sophomore year so the kid is fast . One thing to be a good corner you need to be fast, but also have good technique -- and I believe he has both of them. So that makes him a great prospect. David is a great kid who is dedicated to becoming a great football player -- who has the total package off and on the field. He has a great work ethic."

GoBlueWolverine: What are some of the things David needs to work on for the next level?

Coach Hill: "Well I'm not sure he needs to work on anything physically, but he needs to add weight. He is a kid that weighs 170 pounds at 6-1 and I believe he will need to be around 185-190 pounds at the next level. It should not be a problem to add that weight. Once he gets into a college level strength and conditioning program he will be fine and be able to add good playing weight."

GoBlueWolverine: Will distance be a factor for David to choose Michigan?

Coach Hill: "Distance would not be a factor for him to choose Michigan -- because he actually grew up in Flint, Michigan. That is where he was born at I believe. His Dad lived up there and with that being said there is a connection there to a certain extent."

GoBlueWolverine: Is there any other factors for him choosing a school?

Coach Hill: "He is interested in running track at the college level ... and Arkansas might have an edge there just because of their great track program. I'm not saying that Arkansas leads for him, but if he was picking a school for a track program only out of those schools Arkansas would be tough to beat ... that and being close to home."

GoBlueWolverine: Are Pearlie and David looking to go to the same school?

Coach Hill: "That might happen, but I'M not sure ... BUT they are looking at it that way right now. Both are looking to see what program fits them the best, each one themselves. It just might happen that the school each of them likes might be the same school. Several schools are looking at both of them including the University of Michigan. I think both of them know they need to choose the right school for themselves and not pick a school just because a buddy wants you to attend there with him."

GoBlueWolverine: Would playing two sports at the college level affect David?

Coach Hill: "He is a very talented kid who could manage to do both sports and not hurt himself in either sport in my opinion, and that is something you cannot say a lot of times ... because at that level it is very tough to be at your best in one sport let alone two sports at the college level."

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