Indy OL Kyle Koehne Not in a Hurry

Adam Gress was the one June 8 Michigan camper who was immediately offered. Not far behind him performance-wise was Indianapolis Cathedral OL Kyle Koehne (6-5, 292) from who ran a very good 4.8 sec. shuttle. GBW spoke to Cathedral Head Coach Rick Streiff about Koehne.

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GoBlueWolverine: Can you talk a little bit about Kyle?

Coach Streiff: "I am actually coming back to Cathedral. I was the coach there for 13 years and then left for six years, and am just coming back for the first time. I am just getting to know the kids personally for the first time. I have watched them play the last two years because I was not coaching. My son is in the same class as Kyle so I know these kids, but from a distance, not watching them practice and coaching them day to day."

GoBlueWolverine:GoBluewolverine: Have you been able to watch any film on Kyle?

Coach Streiff: "Yea I have watched all the game film from the previous year plenty of times. Watching film on Kyle - the thing that Kyle has besides being tall and a big kid is he has long arms, and his feet are exceptionally good ... while being able to run fairly well for such a big guy."

GoBlueWolverine: What tackle position does he play for your team?

Coach Streiff: "He will play left tackle for us just because he is good ... in fact we probably will move him around to both tackle positions depending on the situation."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he have the versatility to play both tackle positions at the next level?

Coach Streiff: "It will be interesting to see what college coaches do with him. I think his feet are good enough to play left tackle at the college level. I had a young man by the name of Jeremy Trueblood the first time I was at Cathedral who played left tackle for Boston College and now plays right tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These two players are very similar in that they both move very well with long arms, and once they lock out on you it is pretty much over ... you will not likely get around him."

GoBlueWolverine: Where else has Kyle been on unofficial visits?

Coach Streiff: "Kyle came back from Notre Dame early the other day just so he wouldn't miss our workout. He has been to Ohio State, Florida, and Indiana. He has plans to visit Boston College and N.C. State because Tom O'Brien coached at Boston College when Trueblood was there, and I believe the entire staff that followed him to N.C. State sees the possible same type of player in Kyle. As far as offers go I am not really sure who has offered, because at this time I am just getting back into the swing of things and haven't been asking him on a daily/weekly basis." (note: The database lists offers by Iowa, NC-State, Indiana, Cincinnati).

GoBlueWolverine: Does Kyle play any other sports besides football?

Coach Streiff: "He plays basketball as well. He is not a starter for the team, but comes off the bench and plays quite well. He is a big body type kid that gives you that big body presence. I know I keep bringing up Trueblood, but he did the same thing as well, where he played basketball ... and it shows that he is an athletic kid who has good enough feet to be able to play basketball on a competitive basketball team. Kyle's team went 21-5 last year so they are a very good team."

GoBlueWolverine: What is his interest level in Michigan currently?

Coach Streiff: "He has mentioned Michigan to me, but like I said I am just coming back ... so Kyle and I have some brief conversations talking about his recruitment. He has an older brother that plays for Western Illinois so the family knows what goes on, and they have not really asked for any direction on how to handle recruiting. Some parents have no clue what is coming up and what to expect, but Kyle's parents have been through this and they are sharp people who pretty much have things in order. I believe Michigan has not offered yet unless it was very recently, so I think Kyle is trying to not put much stock into teams or think about teams that have not offered yet. I told him that you never know if a team will offer, and you might actually wait for an offer that will never come and close a door on a program that has offered. I believe he likes Michigan, but he wants to see what happens, along with giving all the teams a fair shot -- especially the ones that have already offered him."

GoBlueWolverine: Do you know some of the factors that Kyle is looking at to decide a college program?

Coach Streiff: "I think he is looking for where he feels comfortable with a university, players, and coaches. I have had several conversations with him, and have told him to choose a university first because you never know if the head coach, let alone your position coach, will be there the four to five years you will be attending school. He is a level-headed kid and I believe he will stay fairly close to home ... that's my guess."

GoBlueWolverine: Does he have a timeline on when he might be making a decision, or is he going to wait and see who offers first?

Coach Streiff: "I believe he is going to wait and see who offers and then he will narrow it down. I do not believe it will be anytime soon, and I believe he will take all his trips before deciding. I believe he has five schools in his mind, but he has not verbalized that to me. But I think that if one or more of those schools would offer then he would be willing to end his recruitment. I believe he is waiting to see if any of those schools offer him before he narrows down his list or makes a commitment. If I had to guess, he will probably be one of those people that take his official visits and then decide shortly after that ... that's my guess. I have a good guess on what those schools are, but don't want to speculate or put out there who they might be since it is his decision."

GoBlueWolverine: How is your team going to be this year?

Coach Streiff: "We play an extremely difficult schedule ... if we can survive the early tough games then we got a chance to have a good season. We are fortunate that in the state of Indiana, every school makes the playoffs. I am not sure any other state does this so it benefits having a tough schedule. We've got our hands full early with a team like Carmel (Ind.) that is the 5A state champions ("we are a 4A team"). Then we go to Canton McKinley (Ohio) to play in the Herbstreit game; and the following week we play St. Xavier (Ohio); and our fourth game is against the 3A (Ind.) state champion Chatard. We could possible go 0-4 and still be a good team, so we need to prepare our team physically and mentally for this tough beginning to the season."

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