Coaches Get a Kick Out of Fera

Anthony Fera has been going from campus to campus showing off his booming leg. The Houston St. Pius X product has gone up north into Big Ten country and impressed three of the top programs not just in that conference, but in the country. We caught up with Fera to see what the possibilities of an offer are with each school.

Imagine being the unlucky return man who gets past the special teams unit and is on his way to a touchdown, only to be met by a 6'2, 230-lb kicker who has also played some linebacker. That's what Anthony Fera's opponents have to deal with.

"I actually saved four touchdowns last year," Fera said, "colleges like that. They don't want just some small kid back there."

Fera then, is just what colleges are looking for and as a result, he has received interest from schools all over the country. Recently however, he has taken a shine to Big Ten country and has headed up north to show his talents in front of coaches at Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State.

"Penn State told me I'm #1 on their list," he reported, "they have a walk-on right now, so they want to take a look at him and see how he's improving, then they'll decide if they'll offer me or not. Ohio State wants to offer me, but they want to take a month or so to think about it. They already have 23 commitments so the only way they could offer me is greyshirt me or something."

As for the Wolverines, Fera says they are moving up his list, "I really liked the campus, they gave me a pretty good tour, I saw everything and it is nicer than I thought. I like how they're re-doing all their facilities, it is going to be top notch. I really like the academic center."

As for how he kicked there, Fera was very happy with his performance even in the face of having to try different and new styles of kicking.

"I think I did pretty good at camp, I did everything they asked me to and in front of Coach Rodriguez. I did punts how they wanted me to. It was my first time, it was kind of like a rugby punt, you want a roly poly type punt on that and they said I did fine at it."

As for an offer, Fera went home empty handed, but that might not be the case for long.

"This weekend, they have a kicking camp so they said there was no way they could offer me right now. They have 50 kids coming up to camp, so they can't offer anyone before the camp, they have to give everyone a fair share."

So it doesn't appear as though Fera will have to wait long for his first offer. He says depending on which schools offer him, he could make a decision before the season starts. That would allow him to concentrate simply on working out and the upcoming season, to the dismay of course, of those would-be return men.

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