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GoBlueWolverine's Andre Barthwell breaks down ten first day notables at Michigan's first elite basketball camp. A few of the top underclassmen in the state turned heads. UM's incoming freshmen were in action, and three players from one in-state high school showed they are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. LaDontae Henton, Will Regan, Zack Novak, Nate Lubick, Zack Novak, and more.

Carlton Brundidge 6'1, Southfield High 2011, - A power guard that gets it done. Carlton got to the rack regularly and was able to absorb contact without being knocked off of his shot.  He also shot it well from the outside. He certainly understands the game pretty well for a young guy, and he does not have to dominate the ball to be successful. This youngster has loads of potential.  If he gets to be in the 6-4 or 6-6 range, watch out! When names are thrown out as to who the best in his class (2011) is potentially he better be on it.

Will Regan 6'8, Nichols high school 2010 - Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. He is not going to wow you with athleticism but he will get it done. Regan has solid moves in the low, highlighted by a nice drop step.  He also runs the floor well and always seems to be in position for a rebound or a put back.  We didn't see him shoot it much from the perimeter on day one, but it was apparent in drills that he has a soft touch.  Only a true coach can appreciate what he does.

Brian Coleman-6'5, Southfield Lathrup 2010-This kid was flat out scoring all night and it looked effortless. Coleman has a real easy going demeanor and never got too excited about the big time work he was putting in. Brian put up jumpers…Good! He went to the bucket for a lay-up…Good! He shot it deep for the three…Good! He defends well and rebounds.  Nice handle to him as well. This is a youngster that will/should move up in the rankings.  Expect him to make some noise this year with Roy Marble's kid by his side.  This is a good looking player.

Zack Novak 6'5, Incoming Michigan freshman- Zack competes really hard.  He is a strong player lacks quickness and explosion, but makes up for it with desire.  He uses screens well and has nice form on his shot.  He was connecting with great regularity Thursday night, but it's obvious he knows how to play the game.   He certainly should help Michigan in the offense that they run at some point.  Again, the most memorable aspects of his showing Thursday night were his effort and his desire.  He rebounds and mixes it up a little. He has a lot of toughness to his game.  He does need to get in better shape though.

Nate Lubick-6'9, St. Marks prep 2010-He was playing a little hurt tonight but he has some skill, At 6'9 he rebounded the ball a couple of times and ran the break. He also passes pretty well.  That said, Nate did his damage on the block, with scoring and rebounding. He had a nice back in forth with LaDontae Henton, with each of them taking turns muscling past the other.  We didn't see much of his perimeter game on day one.  We'll be watching more of him in the coming days.

Corey Person 6'2, freshman- Corey shoots it well, defends out on the perimeter(although Stu Douglass was giving it to him from out there….Sam will talk about Stu in his blog…WOW!).  Person showed the ability to play both guard positions, but he didn't light it up from the perimeter like he did at last year's team camp.  We'll be watching him more as well.

LaDontae Henton 6'5, Lansing Eastern 2011-Strongest kid in his class.  He is tough down low. He played pretty well tonight, going toe-to-toe with Lubick.  Henton is starting to feel more comfortable shooting it from deep, but he still needs some work on it because right now it is like a push shot. Runs the floor well, he goes after rebounds and grabs them, he never avoids contact.  LaDontae is always in attack mode. There is no real staple to his game.  He just scores.  Will he be the best in his class when it is all said and done?  Tough to say right now.  Even if he isn't, it's clear the kid can play

The Clarkton three- Coach Dan Fife's team is going to be hard to deal with next year. They always play hard and are tough as nails. We had a chance to see three of his players last night that impressed us very much.

Matt Kamineki 6'7, Clarkston 2010-  Matt is a tough inside player that really gets after it on the defensive end of the floor. He stays busy around the basket with put backs and rebounds the kid does not take plays off. He is a very solid player we will keep our eyes on. He is not going to wow you, but when you look at the stat sheet at the end of the game, you'll see him well represented in every category… points, rebounds, block shot, assist and a steal.

Brandon Pokley 6'5, Clarkston 2009- Brandon is a shooter that plays within himself.  He doesn't do anything outside of his capabilities.  He has a very nice mid-jumper that he hits consistently.  He also moves well without the ball to free himself up for the three.  Every time down the floor he'll take what the defense gives him and he is never in a rush. His coach can trust that he'll make the right play.  The kid is just plain old solid.

Tom Staton 6'6, Clarkston 2009- Versatility comes to mind when I see Tom play. He has a variety of things in his bag to pull from. Shoots very well off the dribble, goes to the basket and finishes off plays. He can get it off the glass to start the break and make the right play. He can play inside or outside, forcing defenders to guard him all the way out to three-point land.  He's also a willing rebounder. Wasn't as good as Coleman, but showed that he is another kid that should move up some rankings.

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