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GoBlueWolverine's Andre Barthwell breaks down some of the second day notables at Michigan's first annual elite basketball camp. Nate Lubick stepped his game up a notch, Carlton Brundidge continued his strong play, and Shea Sumpter threw his weight around. Plus word on Vonn Jones, Tom Droney, Will Regan, and more.

Vonn Jones 5'11, Hartland 2009- Played very well yesterday in both morning and afternoon sessions. He has the ability to get into the lane and either score or make the assist effectively. He dropped at least two dollars worth of dimes (assists) while playing Very strong at going to the basket, good quickness, he can defend, and he can shoot it from the outside. Keep an eye on this one.  Central Michigan has come on strong for him, but if he keeps playing well he may start to get bigger looks.

Shea Sumpter 6'6, Chicago Rich East High 2009- We first watched this young man down at the Spiece Run N Slam All Star Classic, and at Michigan's Elite camp he picked up right where he left off.  Shea has the ability to play inside or out, but most of his damage in Ann Arbor was done in the paint. He rebounds in traffic, he can score on the block, and he shoots the 10 to 12 foot jumper. He plays hard, but due to his lack of size he will need to improve his perimeter game.  He'll have to extend his range and become even more adept at putting it on the floor.  He has a solid base and a coach willing to put in the time can develop those traits.

Carlton Brundidge 6'1, Southfield 2011- He continued where he left off on day one.  He got to the rack with ease, while also pulling up from mid-range and the three point line to can jumpers.  He moves well without the ball. As we stated yesterday, he does not need to have the ball in his hands to dominate. This kid can flat out play.  GoBlueWolverine was at every session of the camp, and after watching each one there is no way you could come away and not mention him as one of the best performers.  Carlton Brundidge was one of the five best players at this camp.

Will Regan 6'8, Nichols high 2010- I was amazed at how he was consistently the first one down the floor on the break when he didn't get the rebound. He created a lot of scoring opportunities for himself in that way. Will is a competitor.  He never gives up on plays, rebounds, and he can score from the inside.  He's a solid big man.

Nate Lubick 6'9, St. Marks Prep 2010-The full arsenal was on display in the yesterday. Nate has a nice stroke from deep but in is not afraid from pounding inside with anyone. Watching his skill level you can see why he has so many high majors are after him. I mentioned yesterday that he seems to be comfortable at getting the rebound and starting the break.  He did that a number of times on day two.  He has nice handles for a big man. Nate Lubick is a big time recruit for the Maize & Blue.  The fact that this is his second year coming to Ann Arbor at least shows his interest and gives Beilein a shot at him. 

Corey Person 6'2, Incoming Freshmen- Corey was quite vocal yesterday.  The coach on his team, Patrick Beilein, allowed him to do so in timeouts. He had a little more bounce to his game yesterday. He sees the floor much better than I initially gave him credit for, he defends pretty well, and he crashes the boards. We've witnessed his ability to drain it from long distance in the past.  He could develop into a solid role player off of Coach Beilein's bench.

Matt Poches 6'3, Hartland 2011- A player who can get lost in all the talk concerning the class of 2011. Matt is a solid scoring guard that can stick the outside jumper. He gets to the rack and scores, and is very strong in the lane. Matt can rebound it off the glass and run the break as well.  He has a nice handle and is a tough player. He has a nice feel to his game. Keep an eye on him.

Percy Gibson 6'7, Southeastern 2011- Strong inside player who has a cool demeanor about him.  He has the making of a big time player. Percy can score on the low block with either hand and is very solid shot blocker. He gobbles up rebounds that are around him and has good strong hands.  The kid will only get better. He played against Jordan Morgan and got the better of him in some exchanges.

Kevonte Martin 6'2, Birmingham Brother Rice 2010-  He is a strong body guard who can score off the dribble or from outside. As I mentioned about him before loves to shoot it from the outside but needs to go to the rack more.  In sessions on Thursday and Friday he did that.
He plays hard, he has enough quickness to get by his man to make the assist or score. Kevonte can really shoot it from the outside, but wasn't very consistent. This summer will be big for him in helping determine whether his college future is on the hardwood or on the gridiron.

Tom Droney 6'5, Sewickley Academy 2010- This was a name we heard about the kid does some things well. He ball faked defenders to get his shot off, and at times that was successful. He has the ability to stick the perimeter jumper, which makes the aforementioned move effective and compensates for his lack of quickness.  If there was one thing he could have done a better job of it was pass the ball.  There were times when he did get the ball that he didn't look for the open guy. He will certainly need work on his quickness to take his game to another level.

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