Roh Gives Wolverines a Second Look

A few weeks back, Craig Roh head to Ann Arbor to visit the Michigan Wolverines, as was reported. However, Roh actually came to campus twice that weekend as a return trip allowed him to meet a couple coaches he had missed the first time around.

Scottsdale Chapparal DE Craig Roh got to see quite a bit of Michigan on his recent trip to the midwest. After heading to Ann Arbor for a visit, he was off to the west side of the state to see family in Grand Rapids.

Before he went home however, he and his family came back to campus as they had missed head coach Rich Rodriguez and defensive line coach Bruce Tall the first time around.

"The second visit I met Coach Rodriguez and I talked to him and I watched tape with the defensive line coach (Tall). The first [visit], I was impressed with Michigan, so I figured if I'm going to take a serious look at them, I should meet the head coach and the defensive line coach."

Roh enjoyed his initial meeting with Coach Rodriguez, saying,"He's a funny guy. He seems like he's really turning the Michigan program in a new direction with the people he's brought in, the new trainer and new coaches. I think he's a really good coach."

The 6'5, 225-lb Roh's one on one session with Coach Tall also provided him with some insight into how he would be deployed as a Wolverine.

"I watched spring practice with him," Roh reported, "and he said I'd be more of a weakside defensive end where I could use my speed more."

Roh, who previously reported the Wolverines are on his short list, does not have a leader at this point in time. What he does know is he had a nice visit and first meeting with Coach Rodriguez.

"He (Rodriguez) said stuff like, just to stay in touch with all them and to call them."

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