Kornblue's overall ranking of UM Camp Kickers

From Mr. Kornblue -- his overall rankings, place-kicking/kicking-off and punting, of those who attended the Kornbluh Kicking Camp at Michigan the weekend after the regular week-long U-M Camp. These rankings are from ALL Kornblue observations of these kids, not just at U-M. And there's more as well ...

(Note: for more, including where Kornbluh would place Anthony Fera, go to the GBW Premium Message Board, The Big House: click HERE)

Brandon Kornblue's overall rankings of the kickers who attended the Michigan camp:
(From Mr. Kornblue: Rankings take into account prior knowledge of each kid, camp observation, watching film of the camp, and analyzing the numbers.)

KICKERS (FG/Kickoff)

Name, Grade in '09, Ranking (out of five), High School, State

1 Brendan Gibbons Sr. 4.5 Cardinal Newman HS FL
2 Nathan Freese Sr. 4.5 Strongsville HS OH
3 Brandon McManus Sr. 4.5 North Penn HS PA
4 Skyler Roberts Sr. 4.5 Findlay HS OH
5 Jack Griffin Sr. 4.5 St. John Neumann FL
6 Lee Abelkop Sr. 4.5 La Jolla HS CA
7 Eric Schaible Jr. 4.5 Findlay HS OH
8 Zach Grossnickle Sr. 4.5 East HS (Denver) CO
9 Mitch Ewald Sr. 4.5 Waubonsie Valley HS IL
10 Jeff Budzien Sr. 4.5 Arrowhead HS WI
11 Jarrett, Drew Sr. 4.5 Frank W. Cox (Virginia Beach) VA
12 Brindza, Kyle Soph. 4.5 Plymouth HS MI
13 Duale, Eric Sr. 4 Highland HS (Medina) OH
14 Simpkins, Clay Jr. 4 Wauseon HS OH
15 Immekus, Nick Jr. 4 Wheaton Warrenville HS IL
16 Steger, Evan Sr. 4 Noblesville HS IN
17 Voss, Mitchell Sr. 4 Wheeler HS IN

* NOTE: Top 5 Kickers showed highest level of FG consistency AND college level kickoff ability

(*btw, there was no rollout punting at the camp)

1 Dombrowski, Jacob Dombrowski Sr. 4.5 Gaylord HS MI
2 Schaible, Eric Jr. 4.5 Findlay HS OH
3 Christian Reed Sr. 4.5 Station Camp TN
4 Conor Goulding Jr. 4.5 Gulf Coast HS (Naples) FL
5 Grossnickle, Zach Sr. 4.5 East HS (Denver) CO
6 Budzien, Jeff Sr. 4.5 Arrowhead HS WI


5 Stars - D1A prospect who could be an immediate starter
4.5 Stars - D1A prospect who will probably redshirt
4 Stars - smaller D1A or D1AA prospect
3.5 Stars - D1AA / D2 prospect
3 Stars - D2 / D3 prospect
2.5 Stars - D3 / NAIA prospect

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