Carter Impressed with Midwest Tour

Tallahassee Leon offensive linemen Andrew Carter set out on a trek across the Midwest last week to check in on a number of Big Ten programs, including Michigan. Did the Wolverines manage to pull even with his rumored leader, Florida State? Has he now eliminated some of the Midwest contenders from contention?

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"It went very well," Carter said of his time in Ann Arbor Wednesday.  "It was one of many (good visits).  I went to Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State.  I flew to Chicago and then we drove around and flew out of Lansing… actually yesterday. After the second or third (visit) I was just hoping for a bad one.  They were just all great visits.  I was hoping to come up there and trim some off, but I guess I didn't because they were all just immaculate… just great places."

While at Michigan, Carter received the grand tour.  He even had the opportunity to chat with the head man himself before he left for Chicago to represent Michigan at the Big Ten kickoff luncheon.

"We went around all of the campus," Carter recalled.  "We saw everything that has to do with Michigan.  We went to the Big House.  I sat down with Coach Frey for about an hour-and-a half to two hours.  I talked to Coach Rodriguez. He was just telling me about Michigan, how he is excited to be there, how they want me there. We did everything."

As one of the most heavily recruited linemen in the country, the Sunshine State star has heard a number of comments about the availability of early playing time.  Rodriguez & company made sure they covered the topic as well, but with one important caveat.

"They talked about that a little bit, but they also said you have to work for it," Carter explained.  "You have to earn a spot.  They're not going to recruit me and say you're going to come in start right away when they don't know that's what's going to happen.  They were telling me what's going on, but they were also saying you have to earn it."

Now that he has returned home from his Midwest tour, the question is have the Wolverines (or any of his other suitors) earned equal standing with Florida State.  The Seminoles have long been rumored as his leader.

"That's not really accurate," Carter interjected.  "Every school for me is exactly the same right now.  Florida State is right there with the Michigan's, the Michigan State's, and all of those places.  Everybody is the same until I cut my list down."

Exactly when the eliminations will occurr is anyone's guess.  However, it's safe to assume that they will happen fairly soon since he is hoping to make an early decision.

"After going on the visits I don't think I can wait to commit at (his high school team's game against rival, Tallahassee Lincoln) like I wanted to," he said.  "I'll probably do it before the season so I can focus on next season.  As far as trimming my list down, whenever me and my parents sit down and decide which schools I'm going to stay with and which ones I'm going to let go, that's when I'll do it.  There's no real time line for that."

(The final decision) is going to come down to the visits, the chemistry I have with my offensive line coach, and if I really like how they're running their program," Carter continued.  "The academic advisors were a big big thing too… I found out I really have to like them.  Also, do they have my major or somewhere around my major, because I want to study zoology… so somewhere in there like animal science.  If they have that, that's a big key.  It's just all of those things put together make it one perfect place."

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