Threet Speaks: "It's a competition"

Quarterback Steven Threet talks about the race for the quarterback spot, about mentoring the youngsters, about what the players around him look like so far, and much more.

Question: We didn't see all of the spring, but from just what we saw and compared to (the first day of practice), you looked a lot more comfortable. I saw one option where you just looked really comfortable. Did you work on that over the summer?

Steve Threet: "You know we did a lot of it. Obviously on our own, but it was something that we were able to work on. We knew that there was certain strides that we had to take to get more comfortable in the offense and we tried to get those and yeah, I think everybody felt a little bit better today."

Question: How much of that is mental, sort of knowing that you put that work in?

Steve Threet: "A little bit. Just give yourself a little more confidence, the less unsure about something, so that definitely helped."

Question: How would you evaluate how Justin (Feagin) practiced?

Steve Threet: "I thought he did well. It is tough coming in at quarterback. There are a lot of things to learn, a lot of pressure on you in this system; this offense. These are his first college practices, so I think he did pretty well."

Question: You go into camp thinking that you're the leader, you're the favorite and it is your job to lose?

Steve Threet: "I would say it is a competition. I think that everybody feels that. Where all of us trying to do what we can to do to get on the field and play and show the coaches that we should be the guy."

Question: Have they given you any timetable of when they would like to make the decision?

Steve Threet: "No. I don't think any of us are too concerned with that right now. This is just practice one of I think 30 or something like that. We got quite a few days before the first game, so just coming out and trying to eliminate mistakes that we made today and tomorrow."

Question: How much mentoring did you do versus just personal maintenance? You've got to worry about your own business, but there are still younger guys?

Steve Threet: "Definitely. You try to do as much as you can to help out the younger guys. Because I remember what it was like just last year and having Chad (Henne) and the older guys helping me out. So it is definitely that you try and do, but as well you still go to make sure that you are doing the right thing."

Question: Coach said he was impressed by some of the freshman skilled players. Did anyone catch your eye?

Steve Threet: "I think the skilled players as a whole did well. Not necessarily singling guys out, but I think they all did pretty well. They are learning well. It is tough being a freshman at that first camp. I think they did very well today."

Question: What was the biggest thing you worked on this summer?

Steve Threet: "I would just say making the reads in the offense and making sure we know what everybody does. There is a lot of pressure in this offense; we got to make a lot of decisions quickly. I would definitely say just trying to get better at making those decisions faster."

Question: Obviously you want to be the starter but what do you think of the situation right now? I have no idea who is in front, who is going to the quarterback for game one.

Steve Threet: "As much as I would like to know, at the same time, I think it takes some of the pressure off of us. To be honest because we are not worried about that right now. We are just worried about and doing the best we can every play. Just trying to get better every practice."

Question: How much more comfortable are you right now compared to like, if you get called for option right, rolling out with the ball; how much more comfortable are you today compared to say the first spring practice?

Steve Threet: "You know definitely. After so many practices, there is a 16 practice difference. There is definitely a level of improvement there and so it is just something that will come. Tomorrow, I will probably feel even better about it than I did today."

Question: Has it sunk in yet that you grew up watching Michigan football and now you are actually on that field?

Steve Threet: "You try not to think about that too much. Try and go out and practice, let that take care of itself."

Question: Particularly talk about the offensive lineman, they look a little skinner?

Steve Threet: "I am going to be honest, I think everybody is a little bit skinner. There is some guys who gained some weight over the summer, but I think that is kind of rare, but yeah they are. I was very impressed with our O and D lineman, they look very athletic."

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