Michigan Throws Hat in Ring for Fera

It's been a hectic few days for Houston St. Pius placekicker Anthony Fera, with scholarship offers suddenly flooding in. Just this morning he got another ...

Houston St. Pius placekicker Anthony Fera (6-2, 225) told GoBlueWolverine this morning:

"I called and talked to Coach Jackson this morning and he said I have a Michigan offer."

"He told me Coach Rod had okayed it, and that an offer from Michigan is official."

The Wolverines are not the only ones to have come through with a scholarship for Fera in the past few days, however.

"It's been a hectic couple days," Anthony said.

"Over the weekend - on Saturday Penn State offered, later that night Ohio State made a greyshirt offer, and then on Sunday Kansas State came through with an offer ... then this morning I got the offer from Michigan."

As ar as visits, he said:

"I've been to all the schools couple times, except I haven't been to Kansas State."

"I've been to Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan each a couple times ... I have a pretty good feel for what each of them have to offer."

As far as a timetable, he said:

"I thought I wanted to make decision before the season, but I don't know now."

"I'll have to talk to my parents first, and go from there."

GBW asked him what factors would enter into his decision.

"Coach Jackson told me to make my decision based on ... to go somewhere because I liked it, not because of how the program is doing right at the moment."

"It seems Penn State has been going up and down over the past few years. Michigan has gone up and down a little bit and are on their way back up. Ohio State is on top now, but who knows what the future holds."

"I've got to go somewhere because I like it there, overall."

Fera is also considering depth charts.

"The depth chart is something I am looking at. At Penn State they have two walkons I'd be competing with. Michigan told me I'm pretty much the guy. Kansas State said the same thing, that I'm pretty much the guy. Ohio State offered a kicker last year but they told me they think he's more of a punter ... so I'd be the guy the year after next. They told me they made me a greyshirt offer because they have so many commitments already, 24, and will be going to 27 ... so unless some fall away or guys on the team go pro I'd be a greyshirt there."

Is he taking any more visits?

"I don't know ... I would like to see Kansas State, but ... my top three all along have been Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan ..."

"So I have to sit down with my parents and talk it over ..."

Stay tuned ... this one just might be over soon.

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