HS Game of the Year in Ohio - and GBW Was There!

Warren Harding squeeked by Massillon Washington in overtime in the Ohio state semifinals Saturday night, and GoBlueWolverine.com's Matt Pargoff and Sam Webb were on the sidelines to watch it -- and to get a scouting report on Shawn Crable and Prescott Burgess! Here is our first report, including a look by one of the players at his future.

Matt and Sam will give you their scouting reports in the near future, complete with (hopefully!) our best pictures yet -- of:

Massillon Washington's linebacker/defensive end Shawn Crable (Dec. 13 official visit, 2002 Michigan camper, 6-6, 225 lbs., 4.74 in the 40, 10.8 100 meters, 2.8 GPA/15 ACT, Tom Lemming's #59 prospect);

and Warren Harding's ‘athlete' Prescott Burgess (2002 Michigan camper, 6-3, 220 lbs., 4.59 in the 40 at the OSU Camp, 3.0 GPA/15 ACT, The Insiders #13 prospect).

For now here's a synopsis of the game, and then Shawn Crable's comments on the future.

The game:

Massillon Washington took a 14-7 lead with just over a minute to go in regulation, when Warren Harding drove 80 yards to score (and kick the PAT) with 17 seconds left.


Harding got the ball first, scored a TD, and kicked the extra point.

Massillon had to score to stay in it -- and they did! But the PAT drifted just wide to the left!

21-20, Warren Harding wins it!

Webb and Pargoff tell me that Shawn Crable played a great game for Washington as a linebacker -- making around 10 tackles and endlessly-relentlessly pressuring the quarterback.

Prescott Burgess is playing over two chronic injuries -- shoulder and hand -- and was used about every other series on defense, as a safety, and also some on offense as a blocking tight end.

Sunday morning yours truly talked to Crable, who was gracious in defeat.

"It is hard to talk about it. We played hard, they played hard .... maybe the best team last night won."

We called Shawn because, for him, it is now time to shift his focus to recruiting. We asked him to fill us in on the latest.

"Yeah, I'm going to start taking visits. I want to make USC next weekend (November 29th) now, and then Michigan December 6th. The week after I'll go to Miami -- December 13. And the weekend after that it'll be either Pitt or Ohio State, with the other one the first week in January."

"I hope to play linebacker in college." Note: according to what Sam Webb tells me, that is absolutely possible! More to come!

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