Tate Forcier Getting Ready

San Diego quarterback Tate Forcier (brother of former Wolverine QB Jason) is getting ready to go through the process of selecting the college he'll enroll in in January. Michigan is first - and last - on his list.

Tate Forcier (6-0.5, 195, 4.6) is home-schooled in San Diego but plays for Scripps Ranch and is Scout.com's #12 quarterback and #111 prospect. The oldest Forcier brother Jason played for Michigan but transferred to Stanford a year ago. Still, Tate is looking hard at the Wolverines, having attended the June 8 one-day camp ... and he's been in touch with Coach Rodriguez about an upcoming official visit.

"I talked to Coach Rod a couple nights ago. I'm making an official visit to Michigan on August 30th for the Utah game, and he went over the details of my visit - exactly what I'll be doing, who'll I'll be with during the visit, where I'll be staying, all the details."

"My host will be Tim North, a walkon on the team who was Jason's best friend when he was at Michigan."

Did his conversation with Coach Rod have anything to do, say, with a certain decommitment Michigan received this week?

"We didn't talk about Kevin Newsome decommitting. Coach Rod just said he was glad he has me to recruit."

"I've known Kevin for two years, altho we haven't talked in a few months. It just looks like he made a decision before he was ready, that's all. That happens."

And as far as Tate is concerned, whatever Newsome does or doesn't do makes no difference:

"I've said this to you before. Kevin and Shavadrick Beaver are phenomenal athletes, but I'm not afraid to compete ... that wouldn't be a factor in me picking Michigan or any other school."

Tate is confident in his ability to compete at quarterback, and he's not the only one who feels that way:

"Coach Smith told me when I was there for the one day camp this past June that I'm not a guy who's a great athlete who happens to play quarterback ... he said I'm a quarterback who happens to be athletic as well."

Part of the reason for Tate's confidence is the coaching he is receiving right now.

"I'm fortunate to have a quarterback coach (Calif. QB tutor Marv Marinovich), so my mechanics are sound. If I start thrown a wobbly ball or something, he helps me correct it right away."

Still, it's not that Tate feels he has to come in and start right away somewhere:

"It's unlikely that any high school quarterback would be able to come in and start as a freshman at a big-time program ... Jason told me that wherever I go, first they'll break you down, then they'll build you back up. But I'm not afraid to go in and give it all I've got."

Here's how his visits look at this time:

"I'm going to Michigan first, then to Florida the next week (Sept. 6) for the Miami game, and to Penn State for the Illinois game (Sept. 27). I might go to Texas A&M for their Miami game (Sept. 20), and I might go to ASU, Oregon, and New Mexico for games as well."

"But I might not take all these visits. We'll see what happens. And if I do take them it'll be back to back, and I'd come back to Michigan again afterwards for my last visit ... it'd be an unofficial visit, probably for the Michigan State game (Oct. 24)."

Tate also has a firm opinion on high school quarterbacks getting negative recruited about the spread offense:

"I know there's talk out there that the spread offense doesn't prepare you for the NFL. But my dad and I have talked to coaches out here on the West Coast, and we believe what we say: that it isn't where the game is right now, it's what it'll be in 6 years from now that matters for me. If you look six years back, the game is much different now than it was then - the spread is already coming into the game, even at the NFL level. And we're told that in 6 more years it'll be even more prevalent."

"So I think I'm right where I need to be."

Of course, it's where Tate Forcier goes next that is of most interest to Michigan fans ... stay tuned ...

Tate, dad-Mike, and middle brother Chris

Tate, Chris and Jason in 2007

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