Surprise! Ala. WR Swain Surfaces

Yours truly received a pleasant surprise last night -- a call from All-American wide receiver Jayson Swain (Nov. 2 official visit, 6-2, 205 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 34-inch vertical jump, 2.8 GPA/15 ACT) from Huntsville, Alabama, Grissom.

Hello Jayson! I haven't heard from you since summer, and Michigan fans would like to know how your November 2nd Michigan visit went.

"I was pretty impressed. I liked my host, Darnell Hood, and I liked that everyone was up-front with me -- the players, the coaches, even the fans. It was just a lot of up-front and honest people."

What is next for you recruiting-wise?

"I'm going to Tennessee this weekend for an unofficial visit, for the Kentucky game, then I'm taking my official visit there the next weekend. I also visit Georgia January 10th. I'm debating whether to visit Alabama (note: he was there for an unofficial visit last weekend)."

Do you have a leader or leaders?

"My leaders are Tennessee and Michigan. I told a reporter this week that it was 40% for 40% for those two, and a 20% chance that I'd go to Georgia."

What do you think it will come down to between the two?

"The main thing for me will be to go to Tennessee the next two weeks, and then compare the two schools. I haven't been to Tennessee since I was young, so I am not familiar with them either. And then I'm also going back up to Michigan for an unofficial visit the first of January, right after the US Army All-Star Game in San Antonio Texas. I'll play in the game and then go on up to Michigan."

What kind of receiver would you say you are? Who would you compare yourself to?

"Who would I compare myself to? I'd like to think Peter Warrick -- he is so quick off his feet. But I'm powerful and strong too."

How did Grissom do this season?

"My season has been over for a couple weeks. We finished 9-3, and lost in the first round of the playoffs. I missed our last three games with a high ankle sprain; I'm rehabbing it to be ready for the All Star Game."

Well thanks for giving Michigan fans the low-down, Jayson.

"Michigan has a real good chance ... it's probably better than 40% actually. People down here say to me, 'Go to Michigan, don't go to Tennessee.' They hate Tennessee."

Note: how did Swain get my phone number? To be honest, I'd been leaving my number on his answering machine for weeks. We had talked once in the summer so he knew who I was.

Swain is TheInsiders' #65 prospect.

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