"Lloyd Carr will beat OSU next year"!

Those are the words of former assistant recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet, as he wraps up the Ohio State game.

Mark -- in a few words as possbile, why did U-M lose?

"The game was two evenly matched teams. Why did they lose ... the short answer is the fumble with a couple minutes to go. I'd said in my preview that we'd need no turnovers to win ... and we ALMOST played a perfect game ..."

"In the fourth quarter -- Michigan had two cracks, but made two turnovers. Navarre got hit and fumbled. Even had Michigan kicked a field goal there they may have been able to try a field goal at the end instead of throwing it into the end zone for the last interception. Two field goals would've won it at the end too."

"In the first half Michigan had double OSU's time of possession, and completed their second longest drive in school history, 19 plays -- for a field goal. Michigan did a good job running the ball in first half -- 85 yards total."

"But we KNEW OSU was a second half team, I'd said that in our preview, and we saw that Saturday. That is how OSU has played all year, and that is how they played Saturday. Michigan had 85 yards on the ground in the first half, 36 in the second. And OSU stops teams from scoring -- defense is what keeps them in games. We had two 100 yard receivers ... Braylon Edwards had 107 yards, Bellamy 101. But the problem was Joppru only had catches. We thought we'd see more from Joppru. Their linebackers are their strength and took Joppru out. Robert Reynolds was all over the field for nine tackles. Matt Wilhelm had fifteen tackles. And Michael Doss was excellent in run support."

"The loss of Diggs didn't help Michigan, it helped them run in the second half -- they got 99 of their 140 yards rushing in the second half. Clarett had120 yards on only 20 carries -- 6 yards a carry. Chris Perrry had a hard-fought 75 yards on 2.9 yards per carry."

"Craig Krentzel was 10-14 for 124 yards. We did not get great pressure on him ... Orr had one sack. Krentzel made very good decisions, as he has all year."

"A couple other things. Scott McClintock had a good game, with 8 tackles, but their running game got through there in the second half. And Adam Finley was outstanding both place kicking and punting."

"So, Michigan won time of possession, and had double OSU's first downs. But OSU came out and played hard in the second half ... and then the late turnovers hurt us."

Mark, so what's the 'bottom line' on the game?

"The bottom line -- Michigan got into the red zone but didn't score any touchdowns. And then the turnovers at the end."

"One other thing. For those knocking Coach Carr -- this was his first lost to a top five team."

"As far as next year's game: most of their team comes back, most of ours does. I promise you Michigan will win. Michigan has the talent. And they will focus on the game all year. Michigan has not lost three in a row to Ohio State since 1960-62."

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