Rohs looking at short process

GoBlueWolverine spoke with Arizona defensive end Craig Roh and his father, who had just ended their official visit to Michigan... did he follow in Tate Forcier's footsteps?

DE Craig Roh,'s's #67 senior from Scotsdale Chaparral, made his first official visit, to Michigan this weekend. Craig's dad Fred Roh told GoBlueWolverine:

"No, he did not commit."

"He will take at least one or two other visits."

GBW asked him what those one or two other visits might be:

"We're going to go to USC for the Ohio State game, as an official. That's the only one we have in our minds right now."

Craig added, "I think it'll (the recruiting process) go another 2-3-4 weeks for me."

As far as their impression of Michigan, Mr. Roh said:

"Michigan certainly 'set the bar', let's put it that way."

Craig: "The visit was a "10" ... we'll see any other school will be able to top it."

As fas as how the visit went, Mr. Roh said:

"His host was Mike Martin - Mike was a great host. He took him all around Ann Arbor last night."

"And today Coach Tall and Coach Shafer spent a lot of time with us - they went through the tape of yesterday's game with him."

"And he met with Coach Rodriquez for quite a while today."

Craig said, "I was there when Tate committed - it was pretty exciting!"

So ... this one looks like it will come to a head in September, and Michigan seems to be in a strong position.

Mr. Roh stressed, "Craig does not really like the recruiting process, and so I don't think this will go on too much further."

There is already a comfort level for the Rohs in Michigan.

Mr. Roh is from Grand Rapids originally: "I went to Godwin High School, and then graduated from Grand Valley State in 1973, then got a Masters from Western. Work took me to Arizona."

"We still come up here for two weeks every summer, to see family and to stay at the beach in Grand Haven."

However, USC, at least, is going to be competition.

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