Options Growing for Gordon

Detroit Cass Tech S/QB Thomas Gordon made his way to East Lansing Saturday to firm up his recent offer from the Spartans. Meanwhile, the Wolverines appear to be turning up the heat as well.

Saturday wasn't an off day for a Detroit Cass Tech squad that had just knocked off Pershing the night before, 21-7.  Film study called them back to the locker room at 9:00am the next day, but that wasn't going to stop Thomas Gordon from making his way up to East Lansing on the heels of receiving an offer from Michigan State.

"We got up there kind of late, but after the game they took the recruits to the tunnel and let some of them go into the locker room," Gordon recalled.  "Coach Enos told me to bring my dad and my brother up in there.    He took us to the side and talked to us about everything.  Coach Dantonio came over there after his press conference and he was just telling me that he was glad that they offered and that he got word that I did what he asked me to do, which was to tackle and get physical.  He was joking about me having nine or ten tackles in the game.  He was just telling me that (the offer) official.  He said that if I come up there and work hard, I'll fit right in."

Gordon has also been in contact with Michigan assistant Tony Dews in recent days, and the Wolverines' Detroit area recruiter informed the talented youngster that the coaching staff in Ann Arbor would be reviewing film of his first two games in the coming days.

"He said, ‘you've got to keep on hanging in there,'" Gordon said recalling his conversation with Dews.  "He told me to make sure I didn't make no quick decision because this is a decision that you are going to have to live with."

It just so happened that Gordon was already thinking along the same lines.

"I'm going to keep my word and wait for a while," he said.  "I'm going look around for a little bit and see what happens.  (Coach Dantonio) said, ‘we want you to be here,' and he is going to give me time to make a decision with my family."

Gordon is confident that the Michigan coaching staff will be just as impressed as the Spartans once they pop his tape of his defensive performance in his most recent contest.

"Everything is coming into place (defensively)," explained Gordon.  "I was just coming down hill making tackles.  I had two pass breakups.  They could have been interceptions, but it was kind of just a tip drill for somebody else to get it."

Next up for Gordon & the Technicians is a match-up with rival Crockett.  The college campus he will visit after that game is still a bit up in the air.

"I have a few choices," he said.  "I could go to Illinois.  I was invited to the Illinois game this week and the one next week too.  I talked to Coach Wilcher because I could go to the Kentucky/Georgia game too.  I've just got to find a ride."

"I'll probably head up to Michigan (for the Wisconsin game) with Teric and Big Will," Gordon continued.  "My momma wants to come up for one of the games.  I think the next home game for Michigan State is against Notre Dame.  I'll probably take my momma up there instead of my dad because she really wanted to go real bad.  She is real happy for me and everything.  She hasn't been to Michigan yet either, so she'll probably tag along for both of them."

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