Jamison Not Underestimating Irish

Michigan's senior defensive end discusses this Saturday's trek to South Bend, his feelings on away games, and his thoughts on Jimmy Clausen. Read on for what he has to say.

Last year's Notre Dame game proved to be a pivotal turning point in the 2007 campaign for Michigan's defense. The defensive line led the way by recording eight sacks. Tim Jamison definitely got into the act, pounding the Irish for 1 sack and 3 other solo tackles.

And he relishes the chance to do it again this year.

"I think you can put pressure on him (Jimmy Clausen). You can probably rattle a quarterback but I would have to look at game film more. I haven't really watched all of it yet. I've got to go back with what the coach tells us and what I see on film."

With the team at a cruciual early-season juncture with 1-1 record, the 2008 version of the Wolverine defense needs to continue their recent domination over the team from South Bend. In the past 2 years, the U-M D has held the Irish to an average of 162 yards total offense and 10.5 points, and put put the Irish quarterbacks to the turf a total of 11 times. But Jamison won't underestimate Notre Dame or their quarterback Jimmy Clausen this Saturday.

"Well, I won't underestimate anybody. I think he (Clausen) is going to come out – I am going to expect that he is going to come out and try to have the best game against us, just because it is the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry. So I am not going to put it past him. I am not going to say that he is not better than Brian Johnson or whatever. I think he is going to be a much improved quarterback. I think they are going to be a much improved team this year."

Notre Dame's offense would well provide a tougher task this year, as Jimmy Clausen and the rest of his gang are now more seasoned than the inexperienced group that took the field wide-eyed in Ann Arbor last year. And this year the battle will take place in their house. Jamison thinks it' ll be one of the toughest games of the year.

"I would say that they rank in the top just because it is Michigan-Notre Dame. You know the fans are always going to be hyped for the game, so it is going to be pretty loud. But for me, I love going away. I love hearing the hostile crowd. It might be different for people on offense, because it is loud, so they've got to focus more. But I am kind of glad we are going away, because it will be a test for our offense. It will be a great test for us. And we've got a lot of stadiums coming up that get more loud than that stadium."

It may be an understatement to say it will be a great test for this still-improving Michigan team. Win or lose, every player can hope to gain much-needed experience and another chance to improve upon and correct mistakes that are still present.

"There is always room for improvement," Jamison said. "On Saturday, Coach Tall was like ‘Man, I should be happy right now but I am not.' He said that we made a lot of mistakes Saturday so we are going to look to improve it this week. It's the little things. Somebody not going through the right gap. We weren't consistent for the last game. He want consistency. We look to improve that and get hyped up for the game."

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