Roh changes it Up

GoBlueWolverine spoke this (Thursday) evening with the father of Phoenix area defensive end Craig Roh. Things have changed ...

GBW asked the father of Scottsdale Chaparral defensive end Craig Roh.

Is Craig still going to USC this weekend?

"No, we're not going there. They are not having any official visits this weekend. We could've taken an unofficial visit, but we decided not to do that."

What does he plan to do instead then?

"Craig will go to ASU tomorrow for an unofficial visit."

"Then we'll go to UCLA next Saturday for an official visit."

And that looks like that's it as far as visits.

"Then he'll make his announcement. It'll be on ESPN that next Thursday ... or possibly the Thursday after."

Is USC out of it for Craig?

"I wouldn't say that ... he hasn't said he's eliminated any schools."

Note: Nebraska is also on his list.

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