Threet Speaks during Notre Dame week

GoBlueWolverine got two shots at quarterback Steven Threet this week, and Steven boliged with his usual open-honesty. Here is what he had to say about his 'cool' going into the big game today, on Notre Dame, on ND DL coach Jon Tenuta who was a Georgia Tech when Threet was there, and more.

Steven Three speaks this Natre Dame game week ... topic by topic:

On being loose going into the game

Question: You seem very loose before the game. Is that an intentional thing? Did you say I want to stay loose?

Steven Threet: "Yeah. I think that is kind of just how I am. I am not one to get real uptight in any situation and that is just me. Some people see it as a lack of focus or what not, but I don't. I feel that I can be focused but be myself at the same time. I can't, me as a person, I can't be uptight that is…I don't like that feeling. That is not how I am going to approach the game."

Question: So to that end, you are not a superstitious guy? You don't have a routine necessarily.

Steven Threet: "I do. I do. I have a routine."

Question: What are some of…give us an example?

Steven Threet: "I have a lot of things that I go through. Trying to think, let me think, I always get dressed in the same order. I wear the same shirt under my jersey. It is a shirt from my grandpa who passed away quite a while ago actually. It is just a sleeveless short cut off that I have worn. I have wore it since my sophomore year in high school."

Question: What does it say on it?

Steven Threet: "It is a shirt from the Galapagos Islands. It is just a t-shirt, but it was his and that means more than what is on it."

Question: You talk about not being uptight, is that maybe a sign, if you become that way, is that a sign to your teammate that something is not right with you?

Steven Threet: "It could be, but to be honest with you, I am not really. I am not foreseeing any time when I am going to get uptight, because me more than anybody else, I just dislike that feeling; try and stay away from that."

On Notre Dame

Question: You said you went to a few games at Notre Dame while you were in high school. How many do you think you went to?

Steven Threet: "I would probably say I have been to three Michigan-Notre Dame games in South Bend and then one other one, I went to Notre Dame on a visit."

Question: Where you there as a Notre Dame fan?

Steven Threet: "No, I was there as a Michigan fan."

Question: What are your impressions of the place, of the stadium?

Steven Threet: "I know Notre Dame has a lot of tradition just like we do. I am excited to finally be able to go there and play in a game."

Question: Do you have specific memories from when you went to those games?

Steven Threet: "No not really. Not specific, just watching. I was there for (Chad) Henne's first game his freshman year there, but other than that, nothing."

Question: How many did Michigan win?

Steven Threet: "I am actually not sure about that."

Question: You grew up as a Michigan fan, so as a Michigan fan, describe what you look at when it comes to the Notre Dame rivalry. How do you view Notre Dame?

Steven Threet: "Obviously Notre Dame is a rival. It is two of the most storied programs in the country. When it comes down to it and you start playing the game, it is 11 against 11 and you are just playing football. The rivalry gets you ready for the game and you might prepare, just be a little more consciousness in your preparations, but when it comes down to it, it is just a football game."

Question: Do remember any rivalry games in high school that might prepare you for a game like this?

Steven Threet: "Yeah we obviously had rivals in high school. I don't think it was the two most winningest programs in the country, but yeah. It is a rivalry game and that does have to come into your mind, but at the same time you can't get caught up, I don't think in the rivalry of Michigan and Notre Dame. It comes down that it is a football game. You go out and prepare for it. You go out and play."

Question: Is there any advantage to you having spent a semester at Georgia Tech and seeing Coach Tenuta and his defensive schemes?

Steven Threet: "Possibly. I am sure he probably runs similar things. So I was able to see a lot of the blitzes, a lot of the zone blitzes and what not that he has. So I might be a little bit more familiar with it, but nothing…we will get there through film study and preparation this week."

Question: What was your impression of just Tenuta as a person or a personality? Steven Threet: "He is intense. He definitely coaches those guys up on defense. He gets after them a little bit. He is a good guy off the field."

Question: How do you deal with a coach that tends to blitzes and the quick releases?

Steven Threet: "We will definitely have a game plan set up to try and emphasis our strengths and the way the defense is looking to attack us. When it comes down to it, we will just have to wait for the game plan and see what the coaches want to do.

Question: How do you feel about going on the road for the first time this season?

Steven Threet: "Yeah it is our first road game. I think the guys are excited about it though. Being able to play at Notre Dame is a good place. We'll see how it goes. I don't know if the coaches have anything special lined up for practice or what not."

On the Miami game

Question: What did you see on the Michigan-Miami film?

Steven Threet: "We left a few plays on the field. Definitely throws that I think I should have made and I can make, definitely. Plays that should have been made, but those are mistakes that just got to get corrected each week and come out next week and make those plays."

Question: Did you see a specific reason for that, mechanics or anything like that?

Steven Threet: "I guess so. It could be a specific reason, but it is small things that just need to get corrected throughout the week in practice. Sometimes it is a habit that shows up in the game when you are not thinking about it and just going out there playing."

On the Threet-Sheridan QB competition

Question: You and Nick replacing each during a game other have been compared to being a relief pitcher in baseball; what is your mindset in terms of flipping that switch when necessary?

Steven Threet: "I think Nick and I both do a good job of staying in the game whether we are in taking the reps or on the sideline, taking mental reps. I think the relief pitcher is a good way to put it. You still got to be in the game no matter what whether you are on the side line. Because next series you could go in and you want to be familiar with what the defense is showing us."

Question: You have said that you guys have no egos; is that important for you and Nick to kind of prove to them that you guys can take this without getting frustrated by it?

Steven Threet: "I don't know. We kind of just go with it. It is the coaches' decision, who goes in when and for how long. Nick and I, I believe do a good job of just taking the reps that we can get and try to do the best we can with them."

Question: You don't feel the added pressure in addition to being the quarterback and having to run this offense, to take the position, to move yourself in front of Nick Sheridan?

Steven Threet: "You obviously want to be the starter. Both me and Nick, we talk about it. Both of us want to be the guy in there when it comes down to the important plays but at the same time, we both wish each other well, because if he is in there and I am not, he needs to do well for Michigan to win and ultimately that is what we want is for Michigan to win."


Question: What did you take from Chad Henne last year?

Steven Threet: "I think the biggest thing we took from Chad last year, at least I did was the preparation aspect of it. I think that you can't spend enough time getting ready for a game. That is something that I think Chad really showed. He spent so much time even on his own, just trying to find out little things that could help him out through the course of the game."

Question: Take us back to when you are making your decision, you went to Georgia Tech and then you were there and you decided it wasn't for you. Was that an agonizing decision, was it pretty easy?

Steven Threet: "It was difficult because coming out of high school that is where I thought I wanted to be. That is where I thought I was going to spend the next four, maybe even five years of my life. It wasn't easy to walk away from that, but at the same time I felt like ended up coming here was a decision that I needed to make and it was the right one for me at the time."

Question: Were there things right off that you could just sense that wasn't the right feel? Was it little things or was it…?

Steven Threet: "No. I really think it was the coaching leaving that had recruited me was the biggest thing because that was the connection that I had with basically Georgia Tech, was those coaches. It is not that I didn't like the other coaches or the new coaches that they brought in, but the feel with them was a little bit different. In having them leave, it was kind of just like; you know they always tell you not to pick a school based on a coach, but when it comes down to it, you are going to. You are going to pick a coach that you like that you want to play for."

Question: That is a big decision, who did you talk to about that?

Steven Threet: "The two people that I talked to the most about that was my dad and my brother. My dad obviously and my brother, because he went through it. He transferred for baseball, but those are two people who I always go and ask their opinions on situations."

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