DBs Trent and Brown speak on Notre Dame

Veteran Wolverine defensive backs Morgan Trent and Stevie Brown talk about the big game today – Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen and the Notre Dame passing attack. Brown talks about ND since the Irish were his second choice to U-M. And also a quick look back at the Miami game – missed interceptions and letting the receivers get deep.

Morgan Trent

Question: Morgan, the plays that Notre Dame hit on last Saturday were mostly in the passing game; what kind of challenge do you see from them this week?

Morgan Trent: "It is a great challenge for us. They got some good receivers, which we know. They are capable of making some big plays. That is something that we will talk of course all week on defense, especially in our room, in the secondary; that they are capable of going the distance. We definitely have to be ready."

Question: Is Jimmy Clausen a different quarterback than he was when you guys saw him last year?

Morgan Trent: "I am sure he is. I will tell you more after Saturday, but I am sure he is. That is a big year from freshman to sophomore year. It is tough to come in your freshman year and play like you want to. I am sure that he learned a lot and I'm sure that he has gotten a lot better as well, no question."

Question: After what happens last year against, you were obviously on the good end of that; what do you expect from Notre Dame this time?

Morgan Trent: "You always expect a great game, regardless of record or whatever, you expect a great game. They are going to be a good team. It is going to be a great game for us because it is our first away game and going up to their play they are going to be excited about it and we are definitely going to be excited about it as well. Just playing up there and playing the great rivalry that we have, we expect a great game."

Question: With Stevie Brown having more of an added responsibility; how have you seen him grown into a better defensive back?

Morgan Trent: "He is going to grow. He is going to continue to get better each week. He is an older guy but has yet to have a lot of game experience. He is kind of learning on the field like a lot of us have done in the past. Each week he is going to get better, there is no question. He has gotten better from the first week to the second week; we could all see that. We have tremendous confidence in him and he is going to be fine."

Question: Is there anything you can do to bring him along or is that have to be a personal thing that you just have to kind of learn as you go?

Morgan Trent: "Take care of the receiver on my side will help him. Let him concentrate on what he needs to concentrate on, honestly. If he can do it, he is needs to do and the corners can take of our responsibility, he will be alright."

Question: What is it like to playing Notre Dame Stadium?

Morgan Trent: "I only have one memory and it was one of the greatest memories that I have, in '06 going up there and we played and excellent game. I would love to keep my memories just like that one. I enjoy going up there; I love it."

Question: Do you worry about the younger guys getting caught up in the mystic of playing their and Touchdown Jesus and all that stuff?

Morgan Trent: "Not too much. I am sure it could happen, but it will be something we'll talk about a little bit this week. Of course this being our first road game, some of these younger guys haven't been on the road and really know what it is like. It will be new for a few of them, but I am sure they will be fine."

Question: What kind of responsibility does that put on the seniors for the first road game?

Morgan Trent: "Just to set the example really. Just to show these guys how we travel, first of all that it is a business trip. We are here to handle business first and foremost. Kind of show these younger guys just how we do it and how Michigan does it."

Question: A lot of these young guys are new to the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry; how much do the seniors kind of tell them a little bit about that?

Morgan Trent: "If they came to Michigan, I hope they know something about it. Of course, we will talk about it this week and what exactly that means. So I am sure by the end of the week, they will have a great idea of what is coming on Saturday."

Question: This rivalry is different than the Michigan State and Ohio State rivalry, isn't it?

Morgan Trent: "It is. It's still a rivalry, but it is a little different, has a little different element. It is a great game that we love to play. I look forward to this game; been looking forward to it."

Question: Did you get a change to see much of the game Saturday?

Morgan Trent: "Not really. I didn't see too much. Saw a few highlights here and there but haven't truly. I will do that in a few minutes, really break down, but I haven't really just watched it at all."

Question: Did you do a double take when you saw the score?

Morgan Trent: "Yeah, I didn't know what to except. I didn't know what to expect from either side, but Notre Dame won, so I guess I could expect that, but see what happened on the film."

Question: What is the different element? You said Notre Dame has a different element than the others.

Morgan Trent: "I can't pinpoint it. It is just different from Michigan State and Ohio State. It is just a different feeling. I don't want to go too far into it without saying anything I shouldn't. This is different, it really is. We respect them and look forward to playing them. It is a fun game."

Question: Did you see that Charlie Weis video, "to hell with Michigan"?

Morgan Trent: "I didn't see the video, but I saw the press clippings. I saw what he said. Whatever."

Question: Don't make much of it?

Morgan Trent: "Whatever."

Question: How would you grade this defense? A lot of people talk about this would be the strength, has it lived up to that yet?

Morgan Trent: "If I could grade just the last six quarters we have played, I would say we played great. Like we should be playing but unfortunately that first half of football that we played against Utah wasn't up to par with the way that we should have been playing. This last game, I think we played better. We are still not there yet; we are still working and we will get there. Overall, I am happy just going off our last game performance."

Question: When you are up against the offense in practice, can you see the offense improving?

Morgan Trent: "Yeah you can. Definitely. Of course, we all know the younger guys and they are getting better each week. They are learning the system and learning on the field as well. I definitely, I definitely think they are improving."

Stevie Brown

Question: Do you know anybody on the Notre Dame team?

Stevie Brown: "Actually, surprising, I know a lot of people on the Notre Dame team."

Question: Who are a couple of guys?

Stevie Brown: "Luke Schmidt, my best friend that goes to Iowa, is his cousin. He was playing fullback there but now he is playing tight end. I was just talking to him the other day. James Aldridge, Raeshon McNiel, Darrin Walls; I knew a few people on the team."

Question: Do you have family members, friends at the game?

Stevie Brown: "I will probably have a lot of friends at the game. It is hard to get a lot of tickets for the Notre Dame game. It is a big rivalry game, but there are a lot of people that are from my hometown that just love Notre Dame, so they keep season tickets, so I am pretty sure that I will see a lot of them there."

Question: Will your friends, will they go with Notre Dame?

Stevie Brown: "They say they are going to root for me, but they still want Notre Dame to win."

Question: Did you travel two years ago over there and what do you remember from that?

Stevie Brown: "Yeah. It was a great experience whenever I got to travel over there a couple of years ago. I had been to the Notre Dame-Michigan game, I want to say my junior year in high school, so I kind of knew the atmosphere going in a little bit and then actually being on the field and everything like that. That was a lot of fun as well. Notre Dame-Michigan, it doesn't get any bigger than that in Indiana so. Growing up and actually watching the game all the time and finally be able to participate was a lot of fun to me and I learned a lot, but I am sure that I will learn even more this trip."

Question: I don't know if someone asked you, did you have any friends that have contacted you in the last two days, did you expect to hear a lot from home about people being Notre Dame fans?

Stevie Brown: "I haven't had anybody yet. I am pretty sure that it is going to be coming. Every time that game comes up, everybody starts hitting me up."

And looking back at the Miami game – missed interceptions and letting the receivers get deep:

Question: What happened on that interception when you see it in and just doesn't stick?

Stevie Brown: "I saw it, it was so easy I wasn't even paying attention to the ball. I just was seeing where I was about to cut and I ended up letting it go through my hands."

Question: How badly does the defense need those turnovers?

Stevie Brown: "We are going to need those. We're coming up on Notre Dame and getting in the Big Ten and every opportunity you get to get the ball back and get an opportunity to score you need them. You can't be letting things like that go by."

Question: What do you know now by playing that nobody could explain to you beforehand, just by being in there?

Stevie Brown: "When people tell you the game speed, you can watch a lot of film and you can tell that it is faster than whenever you was in high school. You can watch on the sideline and tell that everybody is moving a lot faster but until you actually get into the game you don't realize how quick everything happens. You can simulate it in practice but it is never really the same. Being actually out there on the field and actually having to think about what is going on and seeing it and reacting to it. It is a lot faster than anything you could ever just watch or simulate in practice."

Question: There was a time when one of their receivers got behind everybody and that was one of the five drops they had; what happened on that play and what was said to the safeties after that?

Stevie Brown: "That play, I think I know which one you are talking. It is the one with Morgan (Trent) or Donovan (Warren)?"

Question: Kind of in the middle of the field.

Stevie Brown: "Yeah that was the one with Donovan. We was actually – that really wasn't even on the safeties right there. It was just bad technique call and we was just trying to rally to the ball that wasn't necessarily on us, but we still got to get back there."

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