TJBlog: Time to push the reset button

Bo used to say he was only worried about Big Ten Championships. Well, it's time to take that attitude, Michigan fans. Call it: "The Bo Mentality." The Wolverines are 0-0 ... so ... can they beat Wisconsin?

Time to press reset button

It's time to go back to the mentality of ... with the Big Ten season starting ... that U-M is 0-0. Call it "The Bo Mentality:" Only the Big Ten Matters.

So the question is: can U-M beat Wisconsin?

I say -- yes.

Of course the turnovers were terrible ... they were my one big worry going in, as I'd fretted to you over and over. Youngsters going into Notre Dame stadium with the game on their shoulders, before they were ready ... yadda, yadda, yaddda.

However, the turnover situation will improve with experience ... and the next game is back in the friendly confines.

There ARE some positive signs.

-- Steven Threet looked, to me, like he's pretty ready to go after his three game warmup. He did some things better than I thought he'd do after only three games. His passes were largely accurate, and he shows that he can run it once in a while as long as he's not a 'go-to' runner.

-- Sam McGuffie is progressing faster than I'd thought he would. First off - he doesn't fumble, even if landing in the splits. And he made some inside runs for positive yards today, as well as doing his open field thing. He still has too many no-gainers ... but that was better today than the first two games as well. I've always wondered if the world would ever see a college version of Sam's high school junior season .... I'm starting to think maybe we will. Not that it'll be against Wisconsin ... but sooner or later.

There are also disappointments:
-- the safeties ... still susceptible to the deep ball.
-- Brandon Minor ... when U-M had to call timeout on 4th down in the second quarter ... it was because Minor was part of the package but was nowhere to be found ... he was sitting on the bench with his helmet off. What's going on ...?
-- The U-M D-line. Not dominating like it needs to ... ND was able to run it too much.
-- I always wondered if a all-new set of defensive coaches (none of which worked together at WVA, unlike the O coaches .. only Gibson was with RR at WVA) would also have some growing pains ... looks like the answer is, maybe.

Bottom line for me: even though the turnovers made the game into a mess ... the U-M O looked their best so far.

Can U-M beat Wisconsin at the Big House in 2 weeks? If they don't turn it over - yes.

Time to push the reset button. "The season" is the Big Ten season.

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