Roh to Michigan! *More on why he did it*

Arizona DE Craig Roh from Scottsdale Chapparal,'s #67 senior, has announced his college choice: It's Michigan! *He tells ESPN why he did it.* Let the good times Roh!

Arizona Defensive End Craig Roh (6-5, 235) from Scottsdale Chapparal,'s #67 senior, has announced his college choice:

It's Michigan!

Roh visited U-M twice the week of June 27 when the family was on vacation in Southwest Michigan, where Craig's father grew up and where he still has both an aunt (and her family) and an uncle (and his family).

Then Craig made an Aug. 30 official visit to U-M for the Utah game, along with Tate Forcier who committed on the spot.

Craig was tempted to commit then too, but held out ... just for two more weeks however!

Roh picked the Wolverines over USC, UCLA, ASU and Nebraska.


ESPN interview (with some paraphrasing):

He's said didn't like recruiting. Why?

"Because it got in the way a little bit of getting ready for football ... lifting weights in the summer ... and concentrating on academics."

Drum roll ...

"I'm going to be committing to the University of Michigan. Go Blue!"

He had only one official visit in the bag ... why did he pull trigger?

"I just knew in my heart the this is where I can maximize my potential, physically, mentally.

On Coach Rod:

"He's just really a guy that I could go into his office and talk to about anything ... he's a guys I'd hang out with on a Friday night."

On where he'll play:

"He wants me to play weakside defensive end .. he says if I'm ready to play, I'll play."

They pushed on him on U-M decommits ... any chance of decommitting?

"If anything big doesn't happen, like a coaching change ... I'm a Wolverine!"

They pushed on him about the Utah game .. he said:

"They have some things to work on .. but this is Rodriguez's first year ... he needs to get his recruits in ..."

"If this happened a few years down the road, I would think more about it."

"He gets a year or two."

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