Is Thomas Gordon Back on the Clock?

A few days ago, Detroit Cass Tech QB/S Thomas Gordon made it known that he was delaying making his announcement of which school he would be attending. However, even then GoBlueWolverine speculated that the situation was still fluid? Is the announcement back on?

For Detroit Cass Tech star Thomas Gordon, the plan for concluding his recruitment was simple… wait for his next big game and announce his decision afterward.  Two weeks ago he informed GoBlueWolverine that that game would to be this weekend's contest versus Detroit Martin Luther King.  Then late last week he began to reconsider.  Suddenly he began wondering if it would be more prudent to give the schools on his list a deeper look.  After all, he had a visit to Michigan State planned for last weekend and Illinois, Minnesota, an Oregon were turning up the heat by the day.  Another factor injected into the equation was the talk that Michigan's interest was only a reaction to the interest show by other schools… most notably Michigan State.  Over the past few days, the Maize & Blue coaching staff has taken the opportunity to offer a rebuttal.

"I talked to Coach Dews (Monday) night and I talked to Coach Shafer for a long time today," recalled Gordon.  "Coach Shafer was just saying that he'd been wanting me ever since I came to the camp in the summer time.  He was just saying to me, 'Don't listen to everybody saying that they offered me just because Michigan State did.'  It was a coincidence that they got the tape the same weekend that Michigan State offered me.  They kept they're word.  They said if they saw the tape they were going to offer me.  They kept their word.  That's what people don't understand.  They don't know the story behind it.  They see everything on top, but they don't really understand what's going on."

After mulling things over a bit more, Gordon is right back where he started… preparing to announce his decision in the next few days.

"I'm keeping my word like I said…this Friday (he will announce his commitment) after the King game." Gordon reported bia text message yesterday afternoon.

The King game had reportedly been moved to Saturday, so Gordon phoned GoBlueWolverine last night to further clarify the details and also shed light on the reason for his latest change of heart.

"Coach Wilcher just told us today that game is on Friday at 3:30," said Gordon.  "What made me change my mind in the first place was I was listening to my parents saying I should, wait, hold out, and not rush into it.  But then after I made that decision, I just sat down and said why waste time?  I'm not going to hold Michigan or Michigan State up and have them waiting on me.  It's kind of a waste of time holding out… so I'm going to go ahead and do what I said I was going to do."

With his head now clear, Gordon has pared his list down to the two schools that he feels the best about.

"I've narrowed it down between Michigan and Michigan State," he continued.  "Both of the schools shown the same level of interest in me and I like them both.  I'll tell everybody my decision after the game."

Stay tuned for more on Gordon in the coming days.

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